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Why Choose Assisted Living?

Are you elderly and living alone? Do you feel isolated due to the difficulties of mobility? You don’t have to live a lonely and isolated life. In fact, assisted living communities such as United Methodist Homes of NJ can give independence, security and tons of opportunity to engage in social interaction.  The move to assisted living can help you start to really live again.

Assisted living aids you in the activities of daily living and medical care support in a private and comfortable residential setting. You are also provided many amenities such as restaurant quality dining, fitness programs, apartment maintenance, housekeeping services and transportation to name a few.

One of the main reasons for senior transitions to assisted living is the freedom you gain, reliving you from the responsibilities and costs of maintaining a home, its contents and grounds. It also reduces the ongoing taxes, utility & maintenance costs associated with home ownership. Moreover, assisted living minimizes personal chores and errands, allowing time to pursue other longed interests, and take advantage of the many on-campus programs for residents.

UMHNJ assisted living is apartment or condo style living. The overall assisted living experience at UMHNJ is one where an individual has more options to rediscover their life and can confidently do more of the things they’ve always wanted to do.  All in an environment that enhances a person’s security, dignity, and independence. Visit today and start living again.

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How to Decide if Assisted Living Is a Good Fit

Assisted living is a senior living option that helps aging seniors in daily activities such as cooking meals, getting to the bathroom in midnight, administering medications or housekeeping chores. Here are few questions that help you determine whether assisted living is right for you:

•    Do you feel lonely and isolated?

•    Concerned about your safety?

•    Finding difficulties to maintain your home?

•    Do you need support than family and friends are able to provide?

For a happy and healthy living, an active life is very important. The social aspect of assisted living is a great benefit offering opportunity to make new friends and live life to the fullest.

Sometimes, you might think what would happen, if you fall down, get injured or experience a problem that requires assistance from another person or medical professional. If so, then assisted living is for you. At UMH, we provide 24 hour security, support and monitoring. Moreover, our assisted living communities provides a homelike environment without the burden and stress of home maintenance.

Including Others in the Decision Making Process

Before you decide to join the assisted living community, have a discussion with your children or love one as this is an important decision which should not be taken alone.

•    Initiate discussions when you and your family are well rested

•    Provide your loved ones with research and information

•    Allow your family to be part of the decision-making process. Answer their questions and listen to their concerns.

At United Methodist Homes in NJ our communities provide the safety and 24 hours support and monitoring while maximizing your dignity and independence. To learn more about our communities and assisted living services, visit

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Healthy Aging for Peace of Mind and a Healthy Body

Worried that your elderly loved one is not aging as healthy as they could be? Being active mentally, physically and socially is vital for a quality life especially at an advanced age. Here are few tips to stay active:


Our brain is inspired by daily activities including reading, writing and puzzle solving throughout our lives. Keeping the mind sharp and challenged drastically slows the onset of cognitive impairment such as memory loss. You may even take these activities for granted but as we age it becomes even more important to maintain that regular brain stimulation.

Here are some suggested mind stimulation activities:

•    Hobbies for better living: Quilting, photography, reading, writing letters or journal entries, painting, or playing word games

•    Learn a new language or learn to play a musical instrument

•    Tap into spirituality, including meditation, stress reduction, prayer or contemplation activities


Eating a well-balanced and healthy diet is a crucial part of maintaining an active lifestyle. Once we start aging, it becomes harder to engage in daily activities like walking, sitting down or standing up without the help of someone. When you eat better, you feel better and will be more inclined to engage in physical activity. Give your body the fuel and nourishment it needs while also supplementing your healthy diet with some low impact physical activity such as:

•    Yoga

•    Stretching

•    Walking

•    Swimming

Social Activity

Another better way to be active is engaging in social interaction. Find ways to stay engaged in life through socialization opportunities, community involvement and interacting with others to find purposefulness in life. UMH suggests:

•    Joining a book club

•    Volunteering

•    Joining a fitness class

•    Choosing hobbies that are not always solitary

At United Methodist Homes, all of our communities maintain a wide variety of optional programs dedicated to keeping seniors active and strong. To find out more about healthy senior assisted living at United Methodist Homes visit

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