Why Choose Assisted Living?

Are you elderly and living alone? Do you feel isolated due to the difficulties of mobility? You don’t have to live a lonely and isolated life. In fact, assisted living communities such as United Methodist Homes of NJ can give independence, security and tons of opportunity to engage in social interaction.  The move to assisted living can help you start to really live again.

Assisted living aids you in the activities of daily living and medical care support in a private and comfortable residential setting. You are also provided many amenities such as restaurant quality dining, fitness programs, apartment maintenance, housekeeping services and transportation to name a few.

One of the main reasons for senior transitions to assisted living is the freedom you gain, reliving you from the responsibilities and costs of maintaining a home, its contents and grounds. It also reduces the ongoing taxes, utility & maintenance costs associated with home ownership. Moreover, assisted living minimizes personal chores and errands, allowing time to pursue other longed interests, and take advantage of the many on-campus programs for residents.

UMHNJ assisted living is apartment or condo style living. The overall assisted living experience at UMHNJ is one where an individual has more options to rediscover their life and can confidently do more of the things they’ve always wanted to do.  All in an environment that enhances a person’s security, dignity, and independence. Visit www.umh-nj.org today and start living again.


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