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Tips to Move Your Loved One to an Assisted Living Community

Moving your loved one to an assisted living facility is not easy and starting a conversation about it can pose a challenge for all those involved. But keep in mind that as hard as it may be, in the end it can reduce stress or the likelihood of an emergency. Here are a few tips to make it easier:

•    Be ready with thorough research and information.
•    Always have open conversations with all those involved to ensure everyone’s feelings and concerns are voiced.
•    Talk when all those involved are well rested.
•    Try to recruit a trusted outside party i.e. family physician, clergy member or family friend to join the discussion.
•    Listen to your loved one’s desires and concerns, and understand their needs.
•    Don’t expect an immediate answer. It is vital to give your loved one time to assess new information. It may be necessary to have several discussions.

Making the Shift

Everyone can agree that a transition of any sort can be emotionally demanding.  The transition to assisted living is no different. For that reason it is extremely important to be aware of the feelings your loved one may be experiencing. Below are some ways to support a loved one through the transition to assisted living:

•    Don’t minimize their feelings. Allow your loved one to express their feelings and take it seriously.
•    Work through concerns together. While your loved one will likely go through a period of adjustment after moving into an assisted living facility, don’t automatically assume that complaints are just part of the transition process
•    Personalize the New Space. Personalize your loved one’s new living space to make it their own. A good way to achieve this is by helping with the selection of meaningful possessions.
•    Stay in regular contact. Include your loved one in family outings and events whenever possible. If your loved one lives far away, regular calls or emails will make a bigger impact than you may realize.

At United Methodist Homes, we are experts in providing safety and security with around the clock support and monitoring while maintaining the independence and dignity of our residents. To know more about our communities and assisted living services, click

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Resident Life: Eve Knudsen

Her fingers glide across the keys, making that rare kind of music you hear with your ears but feel with your soul. Eve Knudsen, a resident of United Methodist Homes Francis Asbury Manor, is a gifted pianist.

Born in Manhattan, Eve grew up an only child in a music loving family. She was an outstanding student balancing her studies between school and music.

With Ruth Dautel, her music teacher and a protégé of the dean at the Julliard School of Music in New York City, Eve participated in many solo work, local concerts and symphonies in Newark. She was very excited expressing this, “I spent three years during high school and the first year after graduation doing accompanying work for many groups, including the New Jersey State Chorus, the New Jersey Symphony, various church groups, and even the Russian Cossacks, who traveled here from Russia.”

Eve also earned a scholarship to Julliard following her high school. The night before her solo for Julliard’s dean of music, who would finalize the scholarship, she was moved by an unexpected turn. “The dean passed away of a heart attack the night before my test,” Eve says. Instead of waiting six months to finalize her scholarship, Eve took a job as a bank bookkeeper to “repay my parents in some small way for all they had invested in my musical education.”

Eve looks back on a life filled with music as “very rewarding.” She is now a great grandmother of six and an excellent spokesperson for The United Methodist Homes communities.  Francis Asbury Manor has been her home for almost 20 years.

United Methodist Homes is committed to our communities, associates, volunteers and residents.  We celebrate the experiences, stories and lives of all those that make our close knit communities. To find out more information about UMH visit

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The Cost of Assisted Living

Nowadays, the cost of assisted living is one of the biggest concerns for potential residents and families. In addition, the expense of long-term care sometimes seems daunting. United Methodist Homes advises individuals to consult with an estate planning or elder law attorney to get the need information based on their situation. Here are few tips to get you started, have a look:

Depending on the types of service you need, monthly assisted living costs vary. And depending on the care you need, you can expect to spend between $3,000 and $9, 000 a month which can also include:

•    A daily meal or meals
•    Housekeeping/cleaning services
•    Building and apartment maintenance services
•    Utilities (water, gas & electric)
•    Security is provided at all our communities
•    Access to community enrichment activities

There may also be a small admission fee which goes toward the costs of establishing the programs, helping with move-ins, and setting up care services for new residents.

Financial Requirement

Financial qualification is mainly based on age and care needs. It is a myth that moving into assisted living means losing all your assets including a home. At UMH, while determining financial eligibility, we review many factors. Although your home may be a part of these factors, you do not need to give up ownership of your house. However, if the value of your house was used as part of your financial qualification you will be required to maintain that asset to pay for your stay.

Financial Support

Qualified individuals can receive support from government programs for the costs of long-term care and assisted living whereas veterans may qualify for Aid and Assistance programs, which can pay at least some of the costs of assisted living. Please note there are eligibility requirements for government assistance.

UMHNJ has assisted living communities throughout New Jersey. To find out more about our assisted living services and care, visit

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