Resident Life: Eve Knudsen

Her fingers glide across the keys, making that rare kind of music you hear with your ears but feel with your soul. Eve Knudsen, a resident of United Methodist Homes Francis Asbury Manor, is a gifted pianist.

Born in Manhattan, Eve grew up an only child in a music loving family. She was an outstanding student balancing her studies between school and music.

With Ruth Dautel, her music teacher and a protégé of the dean at the Julliard School of Music in New York City, Eve participated in many solo work, local concerts and symphonies in Newark. She was very excited expressing this, “I spent three years during high school and the first year after graduation doing accompanying work for many groups, including the New Jersey State Chorus, the New Jersey Symphony, various church groups, and even the Russian Cossacks, who traveled here from Russia.”

Eve also earned a scholarship to Julliard following her high school. The night before her solo for Julliard’s dean of music, who would finalize the scholarship, she was moved by an unexpected turn. “The dean passed away of a heart attack the night before my test,” Eve says. Instead of waiting six months to finalize her scholarship, Eve took a job as a bank bookkeeper to “repay my parents in some small way for all they had invested in my musical education.”

Eve looks back on a life filled with music as “very rewarding.” She is now a great grandmother of six and an excellent spokesperson for The United Methodist Homes communities.  Francis Asbury Manor has been her home for almost 20 years.

United Methodist Homes is committed to our communities, associates, volunteers and residents.  We celebrate the experiences, stories and lives of all those that make our close knit communities. To find out more information about UMH visit

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