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Start 2015 off Right with These Helpful Tips!

The New Year brings resolutions and a fresh start. If you are a caregiver or senior start the New Year off right with with these five tips offered by UMH!

1. Check Your Prescribed Drugs

In most homes it’s a common practice to mix old prescribed drugs with the new one without knowing its dangerous health hazards. Drugs comprised of organic ingredients, old liquid antibiotics and those requiring refrigeration should be safely discarded. And don’t forget to store medications in a dark, cool and dry place such as an airtight plastic container on a shelf in a closet or kitchen cabinet.

2. Have an Emergency Plan

Keep important numbers on speed dial which may be helpful during emergency cases such as burglary, fall or other unexpected accidents? Have your phone programmed with emergency contact info.

Give yourself a reminder lesson on your community’s emergency response system, if you reside in an assisted living community.

3. Clean out the Clutter

Clutter may cause serious trips and falls. So it’s better to remove unnecessary and obstructive objects along with furniture from your walking path to reduce the risk. Also, maintain a clean walkway in every room of the house or apartment. In the kitchen, start by removing rarely used appliances from the countertops, organize cabinets, and clean refrigerator and pantry of expired food.

4. Avoid Moving Heavy Furniture Alone

Seniors with compromised mobility and strength should avoid doing certain household chores as it may cause serious health issues. Without assistance don’t ever try to move heavy furniture. To clean hard to reach areas, don’t stand on chair, table or ladder. Always use cordless cleaning tools and lightweight equipment to avoid injury.

5. Check Your Smoke Alarm System, Fire Extinguisher and Emergency Kit

Test your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms periodically to ensure batteries are in good condition.

Every home should have at least two handheld fire extinguishers, and one should be placed in kitchen. Winter and Spring. Make sure they include: a flashlight, extra batteries, thermometer, scissors, tape, bandages, allergy and digestive medications, antibiotic ointment, wound dressings, a current medication list and emergency contact list complete with names and phone numbers of family or friends.

United Methodist Homes of NJ

At all UMH assisted living communities there are frequent safety checks to ensure residents’ homes are both safe and clean. If you are interested in learning more assisted living at UMH, visit

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An Inspiring Life Story of Pitman Manor Resident Mildred Nicholson Bell

At the age of 108 ½, Mildred Nicholson Bell peacefully bid adieu to the world last week. Born on July 31, 1906 in Pitman, NJ she proudly described herself as a “Pitmanite through and through.”

Mildred passed away with wonderful memories of Pitman. She enjoyed her childhood fully and also attended the annual New Year’s Day Mummer Parade in nearby Philadelphia and Missionary Society functions. Her family belonged to the local Baptist church.

Mildred married Ralph in 1928 and blessed with a son and a daughter. They became active members of the Pitman United Methodist Church. Later, Mildred joined the Order of the Eastern Star Pitman Chapter #57. For the most part, Mildred was a stay-at-home mom and an active volunteer.

Everyone at Pitman Manor, her home from 2004 until last week, agreed that Mildred was one of the most positive people they had ever met. With an optimistic outlook and cheerful disposition, she cherished every day. Mildred loved all her friends at Pitman Manor, participating in all the activities and indulging in crocheting, knitting and playing cards.

Pitman Mayor Russ Johnson declared July 31, 2012 as “Mildred Bell Day” in the borough, as her 106th birthday present. Moreover, the Gloucester County Freeholders sent a letter to Pitman Manor to the day in her honor throughout the Gloucester County as well. Her name and birthday greeting graced the marquis of the Broadway Theater in Pitman. The following year, the Order of the Eastern Star Pitman Chapter #57 gave Mildred the Golden Token, an 85 years of service pin — the first of its kind in New Jersey and most likely within the entire Eastern Star.

Several years ago, Rev. Dr. Lanie B. Price, former pastor of the Pitman United Methodist Church recalled, “One day while visiting her at Pitman Manor she said to me, ‘You know pastor, this is the best decision we ever made. A friend I went to kindergarten with moved in last month. We’ve been having the best time together, walking in the halls, going down to dinner together. Where else could I have found this atmosphere?’ ” I said to her, “Mrs. Bell, I don’t know anywhere else you could walk down the halls and eat with your friend from kindergarten, especially at 103!”

Mildred lived with her daughter-in-law, seven great grandchildren, four grandchildren and three great great-grandchildren. She is already greatly missed by associates, residents and friends of Pitman Manor.

United Methodist Homes Pitman Manor is more than an assisted living community.  Our outstanding team of care givers and our residents are a tight knit family and recipients of the Courier-Post Reader’s Choice 2014 Best Assisted Living Community in South Jersey. To find out more about Pitman Manor visit us at

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