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What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

Are you among the many Americans 65 years or older, who wish to enjoy retirement without the added distraction and hassle of maintaining a home? Are you turned-off by the stigma of moving to a “senior facility?” United Methodist Homes of NJ can offer an answer with a look into a living arrangement known as a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community). CCRCs, with multiple living options, can significantly increase your quality of life and security while preserving your assets for your loved ones.

What Can A CCRC Offer Me?

For those that aren’t familiar with the acronym CCRC, it stands for Continuing Care Retirement Community. The State of New Jersey imposes specific requirements on organizations before they can be classified in this way. CCRCs are unique types of senior communities, dedicated to adults 65 years or older, that provide apartment style independent living accommodations as well as a continuum of care. “Continuum of care” implies that, even though a resident may not require any assistance initially, as their needs increase so can the care provided by the CCRC. In return for an entrance fee and a monthly service fee, a CCRC resident can live completely independently, but be in close proximity to social activities, have enhanced security, and gain access to incrementally greater assistance of all kinds as ongoing needs dictate.

CCRCs provide many of the same things for active seniors that over 55 communities offer but with a few important distinctions:
1. A CCRC provides access to more services and programs, more easily than an over 55 community.
2. The buy-in for an apartment home in a CCRC is typically much less than buying a condo or townhome in an over 55 community.
3. You don’t pay taxes or utility bills on your CCRC apartment home, just a monthly fee based on its size and the additional services you require, if any. CCRC living is “all inclusive.”
4. State licensed CCRC communities oftentimes offer a “Legacy Preservation” option which allows a large portion, usually 90% of the cost of the buy-in to be refunded to your estate when you die.
5. In a CCRC you are easily able to incrementally transition to greater levels of personal and medical assistance as you age or needs change.
6. CCRC fees typically include dinner in beautiful onsite dining rooms, access to a robust variety of senior activities, exercise programs, transportation assistance, concierge services and much more.
7. At UMH CCRC residents have access to assisted living services. Should your medical needs change, you are given priority into any of our assisted living programs.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

Many seniors who choose to live in an independent living community, such as United Methodist Homes’ continuing care retirement community, Bristol Glen, may not initially require assistance with daily activities, but enjoy the peace of mind that comes with living in a secure community, access to continuing care, and the ready companionship of other seniors, along with numerous other benefits. These benefits include:

  • Independent Senior Living – CCRC style independent living lets you leave behind the chores and errands you no longer care to do so you can enjoy maintenance and worry-free living.
  • Socialization & Entertainment – Similar to a college campus, a CCRC offers direct access to a thriving hub of recreational activities and social engagement inside and outside of the community.
  • All Inclusive Rent – Downsizing will simplify your life by eliminating the ongoing taxes, utility and maintenance costs associated with home ownership.
  • CCRC Amenities – UMH’s CCRC, Bristol Glen, includes amenities that you may previously not had access to such as fitness centers, movie theaters, bustling activities centers, and scenic grounds to name a few. Bristol Glen resembles a rural college campus with 74 beautiful acres of wooded grounds, meadows, trails, gardens, and terraces for walking, sitting, and enjoying nature.
  • Assistance (if you need it) – CCRCs differ from other retirement communities in that they assure access to specific health care services, including long-term care, should the need arise.
  • Flexible Financial Options – NJ State licensed CCRC communities also offer flexible financial options, including programs that allow for a refundable equity payment.

Understanding the CCRC Living Arrangement

If you are a senior looking for a secure but independent lifestyle without the added stress and responsibility of managing a home, then a CCRC may be the right choice for you. To find more about the services at Bristol Glen, visit our website at

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