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What to do when being a caregiver becomes too much

When your parents first start showing signs that they need support managing their day-to-day lives, family members sometimes choose to help out – becoming knowledgeable and competent caregivers. However, there often comes a point at which you can no longer keep up with the duties of a full-time caregiver, especially when managing your own family and career.

One of the best ways to ensure the quality of care your loved one receives is uncompromised, is to make the move to an assisted living community. While this is a difficult choice, it can be made easier by finding an assisted living community  which offers the following:

  • Tailored care: It’s important the community takes a close look at the individual needs of each resident in order to build a support program that provides the proper level of assistance. These services should also change as your loved one’s needs change, ensuring that his or her quality of life remains as high as possible and that they don’t need to be moved to another community at a later stage.
  • Independence: A community which encourages and supports the independence of its residents is important. This is key to mental and physical health as well as having an enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle. Many communities offer a calendar of events throughout the year in addition to shows, music presentations, book clubs, gardening clubs, church services, and much more.
  • Apartment living: The community you choose should offer open-plan, apartment-style living that is adapted to the needs of the residents, with everything from grab bars in the bathroom to 24-hour medical alert and smoke alarms. The rooms should be free of tripping hazards, easy to navigate with a wheelchair, fully serviced and properly maintained by the staff.
  • Advanced care: It’s important to know the community you choose can handle any future requirements your loved one may have. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia support as well as memory care services are essential, as is 24-hour access to a licensed nurse. It’s also a good idea to find a community that offers rehabilitation and therapy services as well as wellness activities.

Visit our beautiful assisted living facilities in New Jersey today 

United Methodist Homes of New Jersey is a senior living organization dedicated to helping older adults to live full, happy lives. With an active community spirit, great amenities, spacious residential apartments, expert medical care, and tailored support services designed for independent living, we’re a welcoming space for seniors to really feel at home. All our support services are scalable, allowing your loved one to continue living as independently as possible even as his or her needs change. We are also able to provide care for Alzheimer’s and dementia residents.

For more information, please contact UMH Bristol Glen today and ask about our continuing care retirement community.


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Three important differences between assisted living and home care

For most families, a time will come when parents and grandparents will need considerable assistance to manage their daily lives and health concerns. Often, family members can step in and help – but this can quickly become overwhelming for caregivers. Fortunately, there are several care options for seniors, including assisted living or at home health care. Here are some of the differences between these two options:

  1. Cost: At home health care may sound more affordable at first, but do your research. Although the monthly fee may sound extremely high, most people come to view assisted living as a great value. When calculating cost take into account not only the home care expense, but home upkeep expense as well.  Home care cost can escalate quickly as your loved one’s  needs escalate. Assisted living communities, however, are able to scale up their support quickly, easily and affordably – and with minimal disruption to your loved one’s daily life.
  2. Living Environment: While being able to stay in familiar surroundings may appeal to your loved one, their home can be a challenging and dangerous environment – as well as expensive to maintain. Stairs, slippery floors, poor lighting and narrow passages are difficult to navigate with a walker or a wheelchair and increase the risk of falling. Assisted living communities, however, are designed especially to suit the needs of the elderly. These single floor living options include apartments with easy to navigate open floor plansand all the latest safety features installed, including emergency smoke alarm and medical alert systems. They are also maintained by the community, keeping them in perfect condition.
  3. Social interaction: Unfortunately, it is easy for the elderly to become cut off and isolated from social circles, especially when they are no longer able to drive or use public transportation. Home care can help improve this in a limited way by providing transport to friends and family nearby. Assisted living communities take this further, encouraging residents to socialize in their community. Most communities have a diverse calendar of events throughout the year, as well as social clubs, church gatherings and much more. This allows your loved one more control over his or her life, encouraging healthy mental and physical activity.

Find out more about assisted living in New Jersey 

At United Methodist Homes of New Jersey, we offer a wide range of tailored support services for the elderly in an environment which delivers the highest quality of life. Designed to enhance independence, our residential programs are customized to assist your loved one only when they require it and to scale these services at any point if they require a higher or lower level of care. In addition to catering to independent seniors, we are also able to provide care for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

For more information, please call us today or visit


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Tips for avoiding mistakes when searching for an assisted living community

Selecting an assisted living community is a challenging process – after all, it is an important decision which places the care and support of a loved one in the hands of people and organizations we may not be familiar with. Here are some great tips on common mistakes that can easily be made while searching for an assisted living community, helping you to find the ideal community for your needs.

1. Prioritizing your preferences and not those of your elderly loved one: It’s easy to get caught up in your own tastes when looking at a community and become enthusiastic about amenities your parent may not care for. Rather, keep your elderly family member involved in the process as much as possible. If he or she is frail or suffering from memory problems, try and keep in mind what they used to enjoy the most. For example, if your mom loved gardening, try finding a community with lovely gardens that she can sit in and enjoy.

2. Forgetting about future needs: The assisted living community you’re looking at may offer the lively social life and apartment-style living your parent would enjoy, but what about when he or she grows older? Is the apartment easy to navigate with a wheelchair? Can they provide meals? What programs are available to Alzheimer’s or dementia residents? Try to choose a community which offers scalable services so that your loved one isn’t faced with a second, stressful move in the years to come.

3. Not realizing how much care is needed: Here, it’s important to honestly and accurately evaluate your parent’s care needs in order to find a community that can provide the right level of services. Take note of medical conditions and other health issues as well as their level of independence. Will your loved one need bathing assistance? Is he or she able to cook meals? Are they suffering from increased memory problems? Answering questions like these will help make sure your loved one’s comfort, safety and health will be properly managed.

4. Deciding under pressure: This is a stressful time for any family, but rushing into a decision can easily leave your loved one worse off than before, so it’s worth it to take as much time as you need. First, work out your loved one’s priorities and do some Internet searches in the areas which suit you. Then, visit three to five different communities to help get a better idea of what they offer and how they differ. Keep your loved one involved wherever possible and don’t be afraid to go back to any community and ask questions or have a second look around.

Choose assisted living communities that prioritize a high quality of life.

At United Methodist Homes of New Jersey, our assisted living communities are all about keeping seniors as independent as possible while supporting them with services that make their lives easier and more enjoyable. Our programs ensure residents are encouraged to get involved with the community at a level they are comfortable with. We tailor our services to ensure that each resident gets the help and support they require to live a full and happy life. Additionally, we are able to scale these services at any point if they require a higher level of care, including care for Alzheimer’s and dementia residents. For more information, please contact us today or visit


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Christmas activities your whole family will love.

The festive holiday season is a great time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family, especially in New Jersey. With numerous cultural events, markets and productions, there’s plenty to do for kids, grandparents and everyone in between.

  • The Nutcracker: This year, NJ Ballet and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra are putting on a world-class production of The Nutcracker. From the 11th to the 26th of December at the Moyo Performing Arts Center, this beautiful holiday classic will be an enchanting experience for all.
  • The Holiday Candlelight Tour of Liberty Hall: If you love Christmas decorations, this is the tour for you. Showcasing festive décor from the 1910s to the 1950s, this one-night only experience promises to be as fascinating as it is beautiful. It will take place in Union NJ on the 6th of December and there will be three tours: 5:00 pm, 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm.
  • Gingerbread House Workshop: Held at the Liberty Hall Museum in Union NJ, this popular event is a favorite for families with a sweet tooth. Held every Saturday from the 13th to the 20th, in two sessions (10:00 am – 11:30 am, and 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm), children get to decorate their own gingerbread houses with gumdrops, candy canes and other seasonal treats.
  • Smithville holiday lights show: If you’re in the Southern Shore Region, be sure to visit this famous historic village. A special light show involving over 100 trees and a beautifully decorated Victorian-style village await you and, on Hospitality Night (December 6th), the town will be filled with merchants offering treats, discounted goods and artworks.
  • Adventure Aquarium: For the festive season, the aquarium, located in Camden, is transformed into an underwater Christmas wonderland, complete with twinkling lights, falling snow and SCUBA Santa. Come and visit with the whole family from November 28th to January 1st.

Independent living, assisted living and long term care specialists 

At United Methodist Homes of New Jersey, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible services for retirees and senior citizens. With a wide range of services and care options tailored to your needs, our highly trained and caring staff are dedicated to maintaining your independence and dignity. Our senior living communities have an extensive range of amenities and a strong social component, encouraging all our residents to live an abundant life.

For more information, please contact us today or visit


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