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Getting to know associate roles at a senior living facility

The team of associates at a senior living community is generally determined by the size of the community as well as the scope of its services and the levels of care they provide. Here’s a general guide from senior and assisted living providers in New Jersey.

  • Administrator and administrative staff: This team oversees the day-to-day management of the facility and coordinates other departments.
  • Sales and Admissions staff: These staff members work with residential applicants and their families, explaining the application process, touring, answering any questions and providing general assistance.
  • Medical Director: The person in this role focuses on the facility’s healthcare strategy, ensuring that the right resources go to the correct departments and ensuring that different medical, healthcare and therapy teams work together to deliver the highest level of healthcare for the residents.
  • Nursing Director and staff: This role oversees all nursing personnel, coordinating schedules, ensuring that 24-hour nursing care is available for emergency care as well as residents requiring rehabilitation, short-term care or hospice and palliative care (if the facility provides these services).
  • Housekeeping Coordinator and staff: These associates take care of the resident’s many daily cleaning and housekeeping tasks, including general cleaning and laundry.
  • Maintenance staff: This team’s duties range from cleaning the facilities and managing general waste removal to taking care of any handyman tasks for residents as well as overseeing outdoor maintenance.
  • Dining coordinator and staff: This team plans, manages and prepares meals for residents, both in the facility dining room as well as the bistros, and long term care residences.
  • Volunteers: Volunteers play an important role in senior living communities, providing essential assistance to associates, companionship to residents and compassion to all. Volunteers offer their skills in many different capacities, from hosting entertaining craft classes, giving lectures, leading a group, singing, playing musical instruments to playing games with the residents and much more.

Comfortable independent senior and assisted living in New Jersey

United Methodist Communities serves the state of New Jersey. Our services range from independent living through to assisted living, respite care, short-term rehabilitation and hospice and palliative care, we are able to offer our residents dignified, comfortable and enjoyable senior years.

Our services are fully scalable, ensuring that our residents receive assistance when and where they require it at each stage of their lives. Our dedicated and experienced associates are passionate about giving our residents the highest level of care available.

To find out more about our individualized assisted living services and our senior living communities, please contact us today and organize a visit.

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