Is it time for hospice?

Choosing hospice care for yourself or  your loved one can be a daunting and emotional decision. For many residents, their focus is on staying out of hospice care until their last few weeks or days of life, when in reality, hospice care can be greatly beneficial to patients and their families many months before this. Here is some advice from experienced caregivers at our hospice in Cape May County on knowing the right time to move into end-of-life care.

A good rule to follow is that hospice is most beneficial to patients and their loved ones in the last six months of life. Once treatment options are exhausted, care turns from defeating medical conditions to ensuring holistic comfort, compassionate assistance and the best possible quality of life. In order to qualify for this care, physicians must agree that no further medical treatment can assistresident and that the resident has a prognosis of six months or less. They can then recommend hospice care and the resident can move in to an end-of-life care facility.

Other indications that show hospice care is needed include residents suffering from life-limiting illnesses, progressive weight loss, increased or uncontrolled pain, decline in ability to perform daily tasks, frequent infections and hospitalizations, increased weakness, withdrawal and poor nutritional status.

While hospice care can seem like a difficult decision, it is important to remember that the focus is on making you or your loved one as comfortable as possible and delivering the highest quality of care during this time.

Compassionate hospice care in Cape May County, NJ 

United Methodist Communities at The Shores, a senior and assisted living facility, offers superior end-of-life care through our hospice, Bridges. With an emphasis on creating a nurturing and comforting environment, we offer 24-hour nursing, personalized care plans, well-appointed private apartments and luxury linens, as well as family and spiritual support.

To find out more about Bridges,  or our assisted living community, please contact us today and arrange your visit.

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