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How to find a home health aide you can trust

Hiring caregivers from home health agencies can be a daunting task – after all, you’re putting the health, safety and happiness of your loved one into the hands of someone you don’t know. Fortunately, there are ways to find a senior home care services provider you can trust, and who will be a positive and helpful supporter of your loved one’s wellbeing and quality of life. Here are some tips from our HomeWorks senior home care services program in New Jersey.

  • Assess your loved one’s needs: Different home health aide agenciesprovide different services, so the best first step is to decide what your loved one really needs. If he or she needs light assistance around the home, but may need more qualified assistance at a later stage, choose a provider that scales their services to meet the changing needs of their senior clients. If your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s, make sure that their caregivers are experienced in this area and offer specific services and support to ensure the best quality of life.
  • Agencies over individuals: Home health aide agencies are the easiest way to find reputable caregivers, as they will ensure their aides have the right skills to take care of your loved one. They will also have access to a wider range of qualified caregivers, which is important should your loved one’s care needs change or escalate over the years.
  • Reputation: Senior home care services that have been operating in your area for a long time have a reputation you can research to help you make this important decision. In addition to speaking to caregivers and staff, take the time to talk to the families of seniors who are using or have used their services to get a accurate idea of what they offer.
  • Experience and training: Caring for the elderly is not a straightforward job, it’s a vocation that requires training, compassion, patience and skills. Ask about the training and experience your loved one’s caregiver will have, especially if he or she needs specific medical, nursing or therapeutic assistance.

Need a home health aide in New Jersey? Speak to us today

United Methodist Communities has been assisting seniors in New Jersey for over 100 years. As part of our dedication to helping the elderly in our community to live full, independent lives, we’ve launched our HomeWorks program to provide expert, compassionate in-home care.

All of our caregivers are highly trained and certified to assist with all aspects of in-home care, from managing the household and meals, to professional nursing care. We are also fully able to assist residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

For more information on our home health aide services, please contact us today.

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All the benefits of choosing expert post-hospitalization rehabilitation

As one of the leading assisted living communities in Camden County, New Jersey, we’re proud to offer expert short-term rehabilitation services to assist seniors in their recovery from falls, surgical procedures and illnesses. Here are all the benefits of choosing this professional service:

  • Faster recovery and healing: As we age, it becomes more difficult to bounce back quickly from illnesses and injury. However, professional short-term rehabilitation can help speed up your recovery. In addition to qualified nurses and caregivers to assist you with medical care and daily tasks, we also have teams of specialists to assist your recovery through a wide range of proven therapies, from physical therapy to occupational, speech therapy and more.
  • One location: By moving into our comfortable assisted living community for your rehabilitation, you have access to all our services without having to travel, book appointments and coordinate schedules. This means that you get the rest you need as well as easy access to the rehabilitation you need.
  • Professional caregiving in an independent environment: If you are used to living on your own or having a family member lend assistance, then short-term rehabilitation allows you to access more intensive assistance without having to commit to hiring a dedicated caregiver, putting strain on family caregivers or moving into an assisted living facility. Our focus is on getting you healed and quality of life, so you get the level of care you require to recover quickly as well as the independence you love.
  • Get the best: As these services are provided by a leader in senior care communities, we’re sure to employ only the best staff with the proper certifications and training needed to ensure you make a strong recovery. All of our treatments are state-of-the-art and results-driven, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best support possible from a highly reputable organization.

Professional short-term rehabilitation services for fast and effective recovery 

United Methodist Communities at Collingswood is an assisted living community in Camden County, NJ, offering high quality short-term rehabilitation services for seniors. As part of the United Methodist Communities network, we offer these services in addition to assisted living services, hospice care, and respite care.

Ideal for seniors wanting professional assistance in recovering from illness or surgery, as well as those wanting to try out our assisted living facility and get to know our community, we’re happy to welcome seniors from all faith backgrounds.

For more information on our short term rehabilitation services, please contact us today and plan your visit.

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When a cure is no longer possible

In a world where death is a fact of life, conversations around passing on are still incredibly difficult to have — and yet, it is so important to ensure the proper services are in place to support, care and comfort  each and every person during this time. Our hospice program, Bridges, at our Jersey Shore community is here to deliver just that.

When is hospice care the right choice? 

No one wants their loved one to go into hospice care before it’s necessary. So it’s important to arrange medical care and assisted living services, which can be increased as the patient’s needs change. However, once a cure is no longer possible, hospice is there to seamlessly take over.

In order to access hospice care, two physicians (one of whom can be a hospice physician) must agree that the patient’s treatment has to change to a focus on end-of-life care. The process can then begin, determining a customized care and support plan that best prioritizes the patient’s specific needs and requests.

What is included in hospice services? 

As with our assisted living services, Bridges is focused on quality of life and are customized to suit each individual. They include:

  • 24-hour carefrom certified caregivers
  • Medication management
  • Personalized care plan
  • Family and spiritual support

In addition, Bridges offers patients private one-bedroom comfortably furnished apartments, including linens, WiFi and more. A customized dining program will be developed for your loved one and food will be available 24/7 in the family room.

Spiritual support, expert care and comfort at our hospice in Cape May County, NJ 

United Methodist Communities at The Shores, a senior and assisted living facility, offers superior end-of-life care for our patients through Bridges. With an emphasis on creating a nurturing and comforting environment, we offer customized services that not only support your loved one, but you and your family as well.

To find out more about Bridges, our hospice facility or our assisted living community in South Jersey, please contact us today and organize your visit.

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Home healthcare: Supporting the social side of senior living

When most people think about in-home senior care, they envision trained caregivers assisting with scheduling medication, managing the home and providing personal services that assist the elderly in day-to-day living. While true, it’s missing a very significant component – supplying companionship, one-on-one interaction and keeping your loved one social, having fun and enjoying life. Here’s some insight from our senior independent home care specialists.

  • Daily companionship: In addition to being fully trained and experienced caregivers, in-home senior care specialists are dedicated companions and friends. Residents are matched with caregivers with whom they get along well in order to alleviate the stress of inviting new persons into their homes. From conversation and board games to providing transport to social events, caregivers support the social side of life.
  • In-Home Respite Care Services: Using respite services can support and strengthen your ability to be a caregiver. Seeking respite services is not only normal, but oftentimes essential to a caregiver’s health. United Methodist Communities offers in-home adult respite care services to seniors in various central NJ locations.
  • Pastoral care: This spiritual support service is offered to seniors who would enjoy and benefit from holistic care. Our chaplains assist with clients’ spiritual needs  offering professional guidance and compassion, as well as partnering with local pastors in providing community support and companionship.

HomeWorks – Compassionate home care services for seniors in New Jersey 

At United Methodist Communities in New Jersey, we’ve developed our HomeWorks program to help the elderly and their families live full and independent lives. With an emphasis on holistic care, we tailor our services to the level of services  and companionship to meet your loved one’s specific needs.

In addition to providing assistance with daily tasks, transport and personal care, our team can assist with medication management and more. For dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, we can develop specific care routines that foster a sense of structure and help reduce stress and anxiety.

For more information on our senior home care services, please contact us today.

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Celebrating the holidays with seniors in assisted living

The festive season is a time for sharing joy and love with family and friends, but it can be more difficult for those with loved ones in assisted living. Here are some tips for including your loved one during this busy holiday period, from assisted living specialists in Gloucester County, NJ.

  • Spending time at the assisted living community: Many assisted living communities really get into the spirit of the season with festive decorations and events, so why not join in? Get in touch, find out what’s happening and pick an event that suits you and your loved one. It will be fun and family friendly, and the best part is no hassle having to clean up after or travelling too far with a senior!
  • Deck the halls: If your loved one has his or her own apartment or room then a day of decorating is great fun for the whole family! Play some carols, put up a tree, decorate it and spend quality time together – what could be more festive?
  • Local events: Travelling far with an elderly loved one can be a challenge, especially if they are very frail or have certain health conditions, so why not look locally? This makes the trip far easier and less stressful for everyone involved. Check out the town’s website and event calendar to find something that your loved one and family will enjoy, and plan a special day out together.
  • Mini-Christmas: Big celebrations can be chaotic as well as fun, and your elderly loved one can easily get lost in the crowd. An intimate mini-Christmas dinner together with all their favorite foods and just close family means quality time together and less time working hard in the kitchen.

Visit our assisted living  community and experience compassionate, expert care 

United Methodist Communities at Pitman is an assisted living community in Gloucester County, NJ, offering high quality services to seniors. We offer these services in addition to short term rehabilitation, hospice care, respite care and memory support services.

In addition to our professional services, we pride ourselves on creating a compassionate and social community through caring professionals, a year-round social events calendar, outings and social clubs. In addition, we also offer spiritual companionship and support to residents who request it.

For more information on our assisted living community, please contact us today and plan your visit.

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How to make a disability-friendly space

As our loved ones age, their homes can become less easy to live in. While this doesn’t mean a move is on the cards quite yet, there’s a lot family and caregivers can do to help make a space more senior and disability friendly. Here are some tips from assisted living specialists in Monmouth County, NJ.

  1. De-clutter throughout the house: Stacks of old newspapers or magazines, too much and oversized-furniture and other clutter pose immediate hazards for the elderly. Keeping rooms, staircases and hallways tidy and as open as possible will give your loved one space to move freely, even with a walker and prevent collisions, as well as injuries from falling items.
  2. Install good lighting – and lots of it: While failing eyesight could be a part of getting older, making your loved one’s home brighter is important for preventing falls – especially in hallways and on staircases. Nightlights installed by the bed quickly and easily light a bedroom without having to get up first in the dark.
  3. Remove or repair all tripping hazards: Loose rugs, slippery floors, electrical cables on the floor and damaged floorboards can easily result in a fall. You can either repair the item or remove it from the home and replace it with something secure and safe to walk on.
  4. Handrails in the bathroom and on stairs: Getting up quickly, walking down stairs or moving while wet can result in falls even when you are there to assist your loved one. Installing handrails or grab bars strategically in bathrooms and on stairs helps your loved one keep their balance.
  5. Install non-slip mats in bathrooms and kitchens: In addition to grab bars, placing non-slip mats in bathtubs and showers gives your loved one extra grip when bathing. This also applies to kitchen floors and tiled/smooth-surfaced outdoor areas that can get wet.
  6. Get clothing fitted correctly: You may think that your loved one’s home is all that needs fall-proofing, but trousers and skirts that are too long also pose a serious tripping hazard. Check the soles of your loved one’s shoes for wear that can reduce their grip. If your loved one likes wearing socks indoors, buy non-slip socks with grips on the bottom.

Compassionate companionship at our Monmouth County assisted living facility (H2)

United Methodist Communities at Francis Asbury is a beautiful and comfortable long term care and assisted living community serving Monmouth County, NJ. Our dedicated and compassionate staff help our residents through their daily living activities and provide professional medical care support, all in a spacious, private residential setting.

To find out more about our individualized assisted living services and our assisted living facility, please contact us today and schedule a visit.


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