Why choose an assisted living community in 2017?

It’s a brand new year and, for many seniors, now is the right time to start making plans for the future. The idea of moving from their family home into assisted living is a daunting one, but there are solutions designed to not only reduce the strain of moving, but actually deliver real quality-of-life benefits at the same time. Collingswood assisted living community in Camden County, NJ is one of them! A move like this can bring positive changes to your life in 2017:

  • Independence: Many seniors worry that leaving their home for a senior or assisted living community means giving up their independence – but the truth is quite the opposite. Our communities actually encourage independence as much as possible by removing the inconveniences of everyday life like home and yard maintenance, thereby freeing your time to socialize, explore your interests and enjoy life.
  • One move is all it takes: Our communities have a philosophy of “aging in place,” which focuses on keeping your residential apartment as your home for as long as you can be safe, even as your health and medical needs change. With onsite skilled nursing as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and hospice care programs, you will have the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home for as long as possible.
  • Great amenities and community spirit: For many seniors, aging can become very lonely as family members move away, friends move away, and getting out becomes more difficult. Assisted living communities actively work to ensure that residents’ social and spiritual needs are met, in addition to lifestyle and health requirements. With a busy social calendar, classes, clubs and onsite transport, you can enjoy an enriching and stimulating life that incorporates your hobbies and interests.
  • Onsite access to health specialists: Health and wellness are a priority in our assisted living community, so residents are assured access to  wellness and health specialists. This includes trained physiologists, who run fitness classes  as well as 24-hour skilled nursing.

Assisted living for seniors at our Camden County, NJ community (H2)

Collingswood is part of United Methodist Communities, a network of senior living and assisted living facilities specializing in high quality care and support. Our senior living community in Camden County, NJ, is known for its beautiful setting, spacious residential apartments and wide range of resident services. With qualified and experienced nursing, therapy and management staff on hand to provide expert assistance, residents enjoy all the benefits of assisted living for seniors..

In addition to our assisted living facilities, we also offer a range of long term care services, including hospice and palliative care, short term rehabilitation and respite care.

To find out more about United Methodist Communities and our assisted living services, please contact us and schedule your visit today.

Original content posted on https://umcommunities.org/blog/choose-assisted-living-community-2017/

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