4 Ways to Transform Your Assisted Living Apartment into a Home

Couple in apartment

Moving from a house you or your loved one has known for many years into an assisted living community is a big change. Many people worry that they aren’t going to be comfortable or fit in. One of the best ways to ease this transition is to take the blank canvas of the new apartment and make it feel cozy, familiar and lived-in. Here are some tips from our assisted living team in Gloucester County:

  1. Downsize with care. Most people feel sentimental about certain furniture and household items, so record these and ensure that none get left behind. Try to keep the list focused on smaller items, however, as you won’t have the space of a big house in the new accommodation. This also helps with housekeeping and safety, as a clutter-free home is easier to move around in.
  2. Measure, and measure again. This is a great opportunity to get some new furniture that fits perfectly into your loved one’s new home, and measuring the space, planning it out properly and measuring furniture is the only way to get it right. Two important things to consider include ensuring that there is enough space between items to move freely with a walker or wheelchair (even if your loved one is currently mobile, their friends may not be), and that they are at a good height that makes sitting, getting up and using the furniture easy.V
  3. Safety features. These aren’t all about alarms and alert systems! Instead, make sure that the new accommodation is accessible and put in fall prevention measures. For example, rugs should be on anti-slip matting and secured to the ground with no edges curling up. Make sure everyday items are easily in reach in all rooms, especially the bathroom and kitchen.
  4. Add some new touches. There’s something refreshing and exciting about adding new features to your home, so it’s a great idea to explore some options with your loved one to see what takes their fancy. Maybe they’d like to incorporate something as simple as new colors or they’ve always wanted luxury bedding or beautiful new small appliances for the kitchen. Looking forward to new things can make the move more exciting and less stressful.

Make a Home at Our Vibrant Assisted Living Community in Pitman, NJ 

Pitman is an assisted living community in Gloucester County, NJ, offering high quality assisted living services in a comfortable, well-supported and beautiful environment. As part of the United Methodist Communities network, we also offer rehabilitation, access to therapists, hospice care, respite care and memory care and support services. We welcome seniors from all faith backgrounds.

To find out more about our assisted living community, please visit our website at https://pitman.umcommunities.org/ contact us today or book a personal tour.

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