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Will Medicaid and/or Medicare Pay for Assisted Living? What if You Have No Money?

Document with title medicaid eligibility.

It’s no secret that growing older is getting more and more expensive, and a leading concern of seniors and their loved ones is how to pay for assisted living. Here are some insights from the team at our assisted living community in Sussex County, New Jersey, into whether or not Medicare or Medicaid can help make quality senior care more affordable.

Medicare – The Short-Term Care Support Option 

Medicare is national, government-funded health insurance plan that all Americans can utilize after their 65th birthday. It is available in several plans including Part A, Part B and Advantage, all offering different levels of coverage. However, it is designed to provide short-term support to seniors, such as a limited time stay in rehab after hospitalization or to cover tests, x-rays or medication prescribed by medical practitioners. As a result, it is not usually possible to use Medicare to cover assisted living, long-term nursing care, residential long-term care or hospice care.

Medicaid – Financial Support for Long-Term Care and Assisted Living 

Medicaid is funded in part by the federal government and in part by the state, so coverage is different from one state to another. It is an insurance program focused on providing financial coverage for long-term care and designed for low income families, but with New Jersey ranking as one of the most expensive states in the USA for assisted living, many families rely on Medicaid for essential financial support.

The program has expanded to try accommodating senior needs more effectively, and offers several options for seniors who meet the eligibility criteria.

These criteria includes the following:

  • You must be a USA citizen and resident of New Jersey.
  • You must be 65-years or older and must meet medical requirements for the level of care you are requesting.
  • As an income cap state, your income must be $2,250 or lower per month.

Regarding income caps, it’s advisable that you speak to a qualified elder law attorney as soon as possible to develop a strategy for your assets and income. Often, a “spend-down” strategy can be put in place to ensure that care is paid for through your current assets until eligibility criteria are met. There are also strategies that can help when a spouse needs assisted living, but their partner is still independent.

Speak to the Team at Our CCRC in Sussex County, New Jersey 

Bristol Glen is a CCRC and assisted living community based in Sussex County that aims to provide seniors with comfortable, serviced living arrangements that free up your time to enjoy life. Founded on a philosophy of aging in place, our continuing care retirement community residents enjoy a less restrictive care model in which they do not have to move from their residential apartment to access additional services as their needs change.

Contact us to find out more about our CCRC and our assisted living in Sussex County, New Jersey, please visit our website at and book your visit today.

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Lifestyle is a Leading Differentiator Among CCRCs

Seniors Dancing At Home

The senior living industry is thriving in the US, ensuring seniors’ access to a huge variety of services and lifestyle choices through many providers. These days, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) go above and beyond, offering far more than standard care to create real value and quality of life.

Here are some insights from the team at our CCRC in Sussex County, New Jersey:

Greater Healthcare Choices 

Not so long ago, it was a challenge to find assisted living or independent living communities equipped to deal with more complex or unusual healthcare services — but not anymore. In addition to providing standard medical care services, many communities offer services designed for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, seniors with hearing or vision impairments, mobility issues, or even specific nutritional requirements.

These services are offered on an as-needed basis, allowing residents to tailor and scale healthcare as needs change. This empowers seniors to access communities that look at their needs holistically, rather than compromising future care.

Home and Lifestyle Choices in Abundance 

While there’s an overall focus on quality of life, each community focuses on different offerings to help deliver this promise. In terms of living arrangements, some offer apartment homes and condominiums of different sizes for independent seniors, and many have additional temporary or permanent residential arrangements for less independent seniors, hospice patients, and patients recovering from illness or surgery.

In terms of additional lifestyle choices, there are communities to fit almost any interest including religious affiliation. Most communities have a thriving social calendar and some even offer extras like golf courses, onsite gyms, social clubs, music and dancing classes, day trips and much more.

Our CCRC in Sussex County, New Jersey is All About an Independent, Happy Lifestyle! 

Bristol Glen is an independent senior living community in Sussex County that provides seniors with comfortable living choices that free up time to enjoy life.

Contact us to find out more about our CCRC and assisted living facilities, amenities and services. Please visit our website at and book your visit today.

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Fun Activities for Grandkids Visiting Your CCRC

The holidays are a wonderful time for families to get together for some quality time, but it can be a challenge to keep younger children occupied while they’re visiting their grandparents.

Here are a few ideas for fun activities everyone can enjoy together, from our team at our CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) in Sussex County, New Jersey:

  • There are so many wonderful books out there for younger children that adults also enjoy, from the “Harry Potter” series to the classics like “Nancy Drew” or “The Gruffalo.” Sitting down together and reading a book is a quiet, but fun way to spend a few hours together.
  • Pajama parties. Snuggle up together on a chilly winter night, eat snacks and watch Christmas movies! Pick a few special treats for the night, like popcorn, homemade cupcakes or pizza, and get ready for a night in.
  • Deck the halls. Decorating your apartment and Christmas tree creates special memories with your grandkids and initiates magical results. There are many little handmade decorations for children who love arts and crafts, and they’ll transform your home with tinsel, lights and more!
  • Many adults have wonderful memories of baking with their grandparents, even if they spent most of their time sneaking cookie dough and dropping flour all over the floor. While it’s a messy event, your grandkids will love the tasty results! For younger grandchildren, you can even pre-bake cookies and set up a decorating station for an easier and more child-friendly day.
  • Lend a helping hand. The festive season is about community and sharing, so introducing your grandkids to how they can help those around them brings the spirit of the holidays to life. There are lots of age-appropriate activities available, from helping make cookie deliveries to older members of your CCRC who don’t have family around, to helping at a local soup kitchen.

Festive season fun at our CCRC and assisted living community in Sussex County 

Bristol Glen, an independent senior living community based in Sussex County, is part of the United Methodist Communities network of high-quality, non-profit senior living communities specializing in independent and assisted living for seniors. We provide seniors with comfortable, serviced living arrangements that free up time to enjoy life. At our continuing care retirement community we provide essential resources that promote independence and abundant life.

Contact us to find out more about our CCRC and our assisted living facilities, amenities and services. Please visit our website at and book your visit today.

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When is the Right Time to Move into a CCRC?

Moving out of your home into a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is a big step, but it can be the best decision if you do it at the right time. Here’s some advice from the experts at our CCRC in Sussex County, New Jersey.

What is a CCRC all about?

These are communities managed by an organization that offers a continuum of care for seniors and provide wellness and lifestyle support. These services are only implemented when and if they are required. For example, independent seniors can remain in independent living for as long as possible before making the transition to assisted living.

For many seniors, housing is a priority attraction, as these communities usually offer separate, spacious apartments maintained and managed by the organization. This takes a load off in terms of worrying about a house that has become too big or impractical to manage.

Another central attraction is the services, from social activities and clubs to wellness programs like yoga and aerobics, all on-site and available to all residents who can participate.

CCRCs are not about scheduling or managing the lives of seniors. They’re about taking care of the “work” of life so seniors can spend as much time as possible on their own, independent endeavors. Whether traveling or socializing you’ll have the peace of mind that services possibly needed in future are available.

So, when is the best time to move into a CCRC? 

The truth is that it’s probably sooner than you think! The majority seniors who entered this new chapter of their lives reported it was the best decision they made, and that they should have done it sooner. It can seem like an overwhelming decision, but the younger you are, the easier the transition will be — and the more time you’ll have to find a community that perfectly fits.

Independent living for seniors at our CCRC in Sussex County, New Jersey 

Bristol Glen, a CCRC based in Sussex County, aims to provide seniors with comfortable, serviced living arrangements that free up time to enjoy life. Founded on a philosophy of aging in place, our continuing care retirement community residents enjoy a lifestyle model where that focuses on the needs of the resident.

Contact us to find out more about our CCRC and our assisted living facilities, amenities and services, please visit our website at and book your visit today.

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How to Prepare to Care for Aging Parents

As we get older, so many of us make the transition from being cared for by our parents to becoming the caregivers. As our parents age, we take on more and more responsibility for their medical care and general wellbeing. If you’re reaching that point now, here are some tips from our assisted living community in Camden County, NJ, on how to get ready for this new life stage:

  • Communicate early on. Talking about elder care doesn’t need to be a serious and lengthy conversation from the start, and you don’t need to take on everything yourself. Instead, chat with parents early on about what they envision for themselves and what you can do to help them achieve their plan. This gives you an idea of what they expect without placing all the pressure on your shoulders in an instant.
  • Gather information. When care decisions aren’t urgent, it’s the perfect time to make sure that all the necessary information you’d need to make care decisions is organized and at hand. This means gathering insurance and finance information, making copies of parents’ insurance policies, benefits, Medicare coverage, and retirement accounts, as well as contact information for their doctors.
  • Legal preparation. It’s important for your parents to have legal documentation in place to determine their care and wishes, and that you are aware of what these documents contain. Some important documents include an up-to-date Last Will and Testament, Living Wills (these determine end-of-life and healthcare wishes), and durable power of attorney documents that determine medical and financial decisions in the event of incapacity.
  • Financial planning. Elder care costs can be significant, so it’s important to know where your parents stand financially and what you can do to help minimize the impact of these costs. This includes developing a financial plan to pay for healthcare, housing or caregiving, as well as Medicare planning.
  • Research your options. Thinking about caring for your elderly parents can be overwhelming — after all, most people have little personal experience in this area. Research is key in not only understanding the costs and planning involved in caregiving, but also in understanding and discovering the care options available.

Affordable independent style living for seniors at our assisted living community in Camden County, NJ

Collingswood is part of the United Methodist Communities’ network of high-quality, non-profit assisted living communities specializing in independent style living for seniors. With an experienced care and assistance team, scalable services customized to each resident’s needs, and a lively social calendar, we focus on providing essential resources that promote independence and quality of life.

To find out more about United Methodist Communities or our assisted living services, please visit our website and contact us at to book your visit today.

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5 tips for boosting senior nutrition

Good, healthy nutrition is essential at any age, but it’s often overlooked in senior health. Eating well is as much about improving mental acuteness, energy and resistance to illness as it is about supporting a positive attitude and emotional stability. So how can seniors support good eating habits?

  1. A good diet isn’t about sacrifice: When many of us hear the word “diet,” our minds go to a place that’s all about denial, bland food and weight loss. While a good diet does help you achieve a healthy weight, it doesn’t mean eating foods you hate. It means using fresh, wholesome ingredients to create tasty food that provides essential nutrients and vitamins as well as flavor.
  2. Include calcium, protein and Vitamin D: These are some of the most important nutrients for seniors, as they actively support the body against age-related illnesses like osteoporosis, blood pressure complications, muscle loss and infections.
  3. Stay hydrated: While water isn’t nutritional in itself, it plays a vital role in our daily health. Seniors are especially vulnerable to dehydration as a result of certain medications, general decrease in fluid intake and increased effects of heat. Dehydration is a serious issue that can result in confusion, fatigue, muscle cramps, constipation, severe blood pressure changes and changes to blood sugar levels, so at least one glass of water per meal should be consumed, as well as one in between meals. Remember that tea, coffee, vegetables, smoothies, and certain meals like soups and stews, also contribute towards hydration.
  4. Swap your fats: Certain fats are essential to our health, while others can be damaging, so it’s important to include the healthy options and reduce the harmful ones. Avoid trans fats and saturated fats and replace them with mono-saturated and poly-saturated fats, as these increase good cholesterol as well as protect against heart disease. Good foods to include are avocados, eggs, salmon, tuna, canola oil, almonds, and tofu.
  5. Swap big meals for regular small meals: As we age, we often find that our appetites diminish, which makes it more difficult to get the nutrition our bodies need. Rather than sitting down to three big meals a day, choose six smaller meals with a wider variety of foods to snack on throughout the day. Smoothies with yogurt and fresh fruit are a great option that includes essential nutrients and proteins.

Enjoy life and independence at our CCRC in Sussex County, NJ 

Bristol Glen, a continuing care retirement community in Sussex County, New Jersey that offers seniors independence, comfort and a vibrant social life along with high quality care is part ofUnited Methodist Communities.

With a personalized and customized set of services, seniors are able to fully access the level of care they require, when they require it. We are also fully equipped and able to assist Alzheimer’s and dementia patients through our memory care and support services.

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Celebrating the holidays with seniors in assisted living

The festive season is a time for sharing joy and love with family and friends, but it can be more difficult for those with loved ones in assisted living. Here are some tips for including your loved one during this busy holiday period, from assisted living specialists in Gloucester County, NJ.

  • Spending time at the assisted living community: Many assisted living communities really get into the spirit of the season with festive decorations and events, so why not join in? Get in touch, find out what’s happening and pick an event that suits you and your loved one. It will be fun and family friendly, and the best part is no hassle having to clean up after or travelling too far with a senior!
  • Deck the halls: If your loved one has his or her own apartment or room then a day of decorating is great fun for the whole family! Play some carols, put up a tree, decorate it and spend quality time together – what could be more festive?
  • Local events: Travelling far with an elderly loved one can be a challenge, especially if they are very frail or have certain health conditions, so why not look locally? This makes the trip far easier and less stressful for everyone involved. Check out the town’s website and event calendar to find something that your loved one and family will enjoy, and plan a special day out together.
  • Mini-Christmas: Big celebrations can be chaotic as well as fun, and your elderly loved one can easily get lost in the crowd. An intimate mini-Christmas dinner together with all their favorite foods and just close family means quality time together and less time working hard in the kitchen.

Visit our assisted living  community and experience compassionate, expert care 

United Methodist Communities at Pitman is an assisted living community in Gloucester County, NJ, offering high quality services to seniors. We offer these services in addition to short term rehabilitation, hospice care, respite care and memory support services.

In addition to our professional services, we pride ourselves on creating a compassionate and social community through caring professionals, a year-round social events calendar, outings and social clubs. In addition, we also offer spiritual companionship and support to residents who request it.

For more information on our assisted living community, please contact us today and plan your visit.

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