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Physical therapy benefits for the elderly

Seniors often suffer from physical issues that make it difficult to move comfortably and easily, either as a result of age-related conditions or illness. Fortunately, physical therapists can assist with this – here are some insights from our assisted living community in Gloucester County, NJ.

  • Gain better balance and a greater range of motion: Falls, a serious risk for seniors, can result in trips to the emergency room, surgeries and long recoveries. One of the best ways of preventing falls is to help strengthen and support your body, so that you can balance more easily, move more confidently and react more quickly.
  • Recover from illness or surgery more rapidly: After a hospital stay or an injury, it often seems like the best way to recover is to relax and take it easy in bed – but this only works if it is balanced with a proper physical therapy program. In fact, with the help of  experienced therapists, patients heal significantly faster and with better results than with simple bed rest.
  • Manage the symptoms of health conditions: Arthritis is a health condition that affects many seniors, resulting in painful joints and difficulty managing daily tasks. With physical therapy, however, patients can help preserve the strength and use of their joints, as well as useful methods for relieving pain. Physical therapy can assist other health conditions , including osteoporosis, diabetes, strokes and multiple sclerosis.
  • Improve fitness and general health: Exercise is one of the best ways to stay mobile, strong and healthy, but this needs to be carefully managed to prevent injuries or overstraining. A physical therapist can work with you, address health conditions or concerns, help develop an exercise plan that works for you, as well as  ensure your health needs are properly managed.

It’s important to remember that when you are looking for a physical therapist, always speak to a certified, experienced professional who has worked with seniors before. Speak to your doctor to recommend a specialist if you are uncertain, and always ensure that specialists are notified of your health conditions and medical needs at all times.

Health, wellness and happiness at our beautiful assisted living community in NJ

Pitman is an assisted living community in Gloucester County, NJ, offering high quality services to seniors. As part of the United Methodist Communities network, we offer these services in addition to short term rehabilitation, hospice care, respite care and memory support services.

In addition to our professional services, we pride ourselves on creating a compassionate and social community through caring professionals, a year-round social events calendar, outings and social clubs. We also offer spiritual companionship and support to residents upon request.

For more information on our assisted living community, please contact us today and plan your visit.

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Memory games that promote healthy brains

Memories play an important role in forming who we are but, as we age, certain dementia conditions can start to erode these vital building blocks of our relationships, knowledge and personality. Conditions like Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia and Lewy body dementia currently have no cure, but there are ways to fight against memory loss, help exercise your brain and keep neurological pathways firing and responding properly, say memory care services specialists in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Sudoku: This Japanese numbers game has gained a popular following in recent decades, with people of all ages enjoying the challenge. Using a grid of nine by nine spaces or cells, you fill the grid using the numbers 1 to 9, never using them more than once vertically, horizontally or within the 3×3 subgrids. This is a great way to exercise patience, pattern recognition and the process of elimination. They range from easy beginner’s games up to more difficult challenges, so it’s easy to try and see if you enjoy it. Most newspapers publish a few puzzles and there are books of Sudoku challenges as well as free puzzles online.

Crossword puzzles: A traditional favorite, these challenges are good for exercising memory recall and problem solving. They are available in different formats and sizes that offer unique challenges, including simple or easy clue formats or the more difficult indirect or cryptic clues. Sometimes, they follow different themes, including pop culture, literature, sports, history, or a combination of themes. Try out the crosswords in your local paper for a quick memory training session.

Apps and games: For a slightly more advanced take on brain training, you can use a wide range of programs on computers, tablets or smartphones. Many of them, like Lumosity, have been developed by neuroscientists, making them engaging as well as offering practice training for your brain.

Puzzles: These come in a wide range of sizes and complexity and many people enjoy doing them with a friend as well as on their own. Puzzles form useful therapy tools for memory care residents, helping to rebuild problem solving skills as well as encouraging memory stimulation and participation. If you are looking for a puzzle for a loved one with a memory condition, a therapist will be able to help you choose one that provides optimal stimulation without causing frustration.

Education: While this isn’t a memory game, learning new things is pivotal to keeping your brain fit and active. Attending guest lectures, enrolling in classes and clubs, and reading new books will all help your brain to form new, healthy neural pathways.

Expert memory care and support services in our assisted living community
Pitman is a senior living and assisted living community in Gloucester County, New Jersey. As part of United Methodist Communities, we’re dedicated to providing our residents with the highest quality of life possible through our compassionate care and professional services. As part of our services, we offer memory support to those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, promoting dignity and independence while meeting each person’s individual needs.

For more information about our assisted living community or memory care services, please contact us today or arrange a visit to our premises.

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Respite care services for post-operative seniors

If your mother, father or loved one has recently been discharged after surgery or hospital treatment or is ready to be released from short-term rehabilitation but is not yet ready to return home, then respite care services may be just what you need.

Hospitals are designed to treat patients until they are able to care for themselves or at least manage with a little help. This becomes more of an issue when the patient is an older adult who relies on a family caregiver for assistance. While taking care of your loved one may be perfectly manageable when they are healthy and strong, this could be a completely different story when they are recovering from treatment. Their mobility might be compromised, as well as their ability to do daily tasks, clean and bathe and remember to take certain medications at particular times.

Respite care offers a solution through temporary professional care tailored to your loved one’s needs. This includes:

  • Accommodation in a spacious senior residential apartment.
  • Licensed nursing staff available 24-hours a day.
  • Assistance with all daily tasks including preparation of meals, medication assistance, health monitoring and personal care.
  • Delicious meals.
  • Housekeeping services.
  • Access to daily programs, events and social outings.
  • Trained therapists to assist with physical, occupational and speech therapies if needed.

These respite services are available for as long as they are required and can change according to your loved one’s needs. Respite care is also available for caregivers who need a safe and secure environment for their loved one while they take a much-needed break or family holiday. This is key to managing stress levels and keeping yourself well taken care of, refreshed and recharged.

Respite care services from compassionate caregivers in New Jersey 

At Francis Asbury Manor, a United Methodist Home of New Jersey community, we offer full respite services for seniors recovering from an illness, hospital stay or requiring reliable short-term caregiving services.

Our residential community is open and friendly, ready to welcome your loved one into our family. With an emphasis on maintaining an independent and full lifestyle, we ensure that all of our seniors have the professional care, companionship and entertainment to fully enjoy their stay with us.

For more information on our respite care services, please contact us today or visit www.umh-nj.org.


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A guide to senior and assisted living apartment layouts

One of the greatest benefits of assisted living communities is the residential  lifestyle offered. Find out why from United Methodist Homes (UMH) of New Jersey:

  • Downsize in comfort: Many seniors choose to move into assisted living because their current home is simply too big for them to maintain and live in comfortably. Rather than downsizing to a small apartment in a condo or development,  an assisted living community is chosen because it offers a spacious high quality alternative complete with all the essentials  needed to continue enjoy a wonderful lifestyle..
  • Space to move: Senior and assisted living apartment homes are designed specifically with older adults’ needs in mind. All on one level with spacious rooms and doorways that can easily accommodate walkers and wheelchairs, these apartments allow easy movement from room to room.
  • No tripping hazards: Falls are a serious health concern for seniors, so actively preventing them are a priority for senior living communities. With grab-bars in bathrooms, non-slip flooring surfaces and great lighting in every room, these apartments are optimized for safety without sacrificing their lovely homey feel.
  • Maintenance-free: With trusted on-site maintenance teams dedicated to keeping the apartments in perfect condition, you never have to worry about the hassles, expenses and risks of home maintenance. From changing light bulbs to fixing flooring, plumbing and electrical issues, their professional team will take care of everything.
  • Security alerts: One of the biggest worries for seniors and their families is the potential for an emergency to occur when they are home alone. In assisted living communities, apartments are set up with 24-hour security and medical alert alarms, as well as smoke detectors to help ensure the health and safety of residents. These systems are effective and regularly tested as well as unobtrusive, so your home is kept secure as well as attractive and cozy.

Assisted living services for seniors in New Jersey 

At UMH Collingswood Manor in Camden County, your comfort and health is our priority. Our assisted living community and services are designed to take care of daily tasks so that you can enjoy a full and independent life. With a lively spirit, beautifully kept gardens and cheerful, compassionate staff, we pride ourselves on putting the wellbeing and happiness of our residents first.

Our residential programs and living options are designed to assist your loved one only when they require it, and to scale these services at any point if they require a lower or higher level of care.

Collingswood Manor in Camden County, NJ also serves residents of Gloucester County, Salem County, Cumberland County and Atlantic County and especially the towns of Collingswood, Camden, Cherry Hill, Gloucester, Pennsauken, Voorhees Township, and Winslow Township, New Jersey.

For more information, please contact UMH Collingswood Manor today and ask about our assisted living program or visit http://www.collingswood-manor.umh-nj.org/.


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How much does assisted living cost in New Jersey?

For many families, the cost of assisted living could be a barrier. Knowing the finances behind assisted living services and researching what different communities offer is key to finding affordable care that delivers a full and independent lifestyle.

The average cost of assisted living in the USA 

In the 2015 cost of care survey conducted by Genworth Financial, the average cost of assisted living in New Jersey for a one-bedroom, single occupancy apartment is $5,725 a month. However, it is important to realize the huge diversity in what different facilities offer, including their living accommodation, quality of life and services.

At United Methodist Homes of New Jersey, the cost of a full-service assisted living studio apartment starts at around $3,000per month plus the cost of any additional services. Depending on the services you require, the cost can fall anywhere between $3,000 and $9,000 per month.

What services are offered in New Jersey assisted living communities?

Services vary greatly between different assisted living communities. Some offer standard packages for senior care while others offer scalable services only when you require them. This ensures that you don’t pay for services that you don’t need.

For example, United Methodist Homes of New Jersey offers certain basic assisted living services that include:

  • A daily meal or meals, if you require them
  • Housekeeping services
  • Building and apartment maintenance services
  • Water, gas and electric utilities
  • 24-hour security
  • Community enrichment programs and events

However, these additional services are available if required:

  • Alzheimer’s and memory care services – including the development of therapeutic everyday routines, companionship, and physical and mental fitness.
  • Skilled nursing home care – pharmaceutical and laboratory services, social and educational activities, laundry services, limited transportation and personal care services.
  • Short-term rehabilitation – physical, occupational and speech therapies.
  • Hospice services – palliative care services to support patients and families, focusing on the patient’s total comfort.

Assisted living services customized to your needs 

At Pitman Manor, we offer a wide range of tailored support services for older adults in an environment that delivers the highest quality of life. Our residential programs and living options are designed to assist your loved one only when required, and to scale these services at any point if they require a higher level of care.

Pitman Manor serves Burlington, Camden, Salem and Gloucester County as well as the communities of Deptford Township, Glassboro, Harrison Township, Pitman, Sewell, Sicklerville, West Deptford, and Woodbury, New Jersey.

For more information, please contact UMH Pitman Manor today and ask about our assisted living programs or visit www.umh-nj.org.


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How to choose the right nursing home

For many families, choosing a nursing home is a challenging and emotional task – and with the rising costs of long-term care it is critical to find a facility that is affordable and puts your loved one’s wellbeing first. Here is some advice for finding the right nursing home.

  • Make a budget: The services offered and cost of assisted living and nursing home care varies widely between facilities. Drafting a budget will help determine what facilities should be considered. Don’t forget to research different types of government assistance that may help you afford the facility you prefer.
  • Services required: Nursing homes offer a wide range of services that your loved one may or may not need. Deciding on a general list of essential services will help you narrow down your choice of facility. For example, if your loved one has dementia or the beginnings of dementia, then facilities that offer Alzheimer’s and memory care and support services will be able to care for your loved one properly.
  • Health and safety: The nursing home must comply with strict health and safety regulations but it shouldn’t stop there. Standards should apply to the general wellbeing of their residents. For example, removing or repairing frayed carpets that present a tripping hazard, having sufficient lighting to prevent falls and utilizing a layout that is easy to navigate with walkers and wheelchairs.
  • Quality staff: There should be sufficient staff to manage the number of residents in the nursing home; housekeepers, food service, activities to run events, 24-hour nursing, and security staff. The property should be in good repair and supported to high standards by maintenance and grounds staff.

Our Continuing Care Retirement Communities are designed with safety in mind 

At United Methodist Homes (UMH) of New Jersey, we offer all our residents comfortable accommodations that are designed to meet the highest senior safety standards. Complete with 24-hour emergency alert and fire safety systems, accommodations are well lit and easily navigable with a walker or in a wheelchair. We offer housekeeping, interior maintenance meal services, and 24-hour access to a licensed nurse for additional care and peace-of-mind.

For more information on our long-term and nursing home communities in Camden County, Sussex County, Gloucester County and Cape May County in New Jersey, please contact us today or visit www.umh-nj.org.


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What are the essential do’s and don’t’s of dementia care?

If you have a loved one with dementia, it’s important to know how to handle any challenges you may face when socializing with or caring for them. Here is some great advice from assisted living specialists in New Jersey.

How to manage aggression in dementia patients

It’s common for caregivers and loved ones to be confronted by aggression – verbally or physically – when assisting someone with dementia. While often an upsetting and frustrating experience, it’s important to understand why this behavior is occurring in order to handle it properly.

Key to this, is discovering what triggers the outbursts. The most common triggers include unfamiliar surroundings, physical discomfort and fear. So what should you do and what actions should you avoid?

DO: Try to identify what is at the root of the behavior and find a way to remedy the situation, keeping in mind that different things work for different people. For some people, talking calmly and gently touching them, helps to soothe – for others, it increases aggression. Another course of action is to ensure that they aren’t in harm’s way and simply walk away and give them the chance to calm themselves.

DON’T: Under no circumstances should you become confrontational or try and force your loved one to do whatever they are refusing to do. This will only escalate the situation.

How to manage a confused dementia patient

Because dementia affects the memory, confusion about time, places and people are common. People with dementia can easily become fearful or uncertain when they don’t recognize someone or their environment.

DO: Try simple explanations accompanied by familiar things such as photographs, favorite items or even scents. Remember your aim is to try help your loved one feel safe and in control, even if it means delaying an activity or social gathering until they feel comfortable.

DON’T: Don’t use lengthy explanations or reasoning to overcome these moments of confusion, as they simply aren’t effective. Short, to the point explanations or even therapeutic white lies are the fastest and most effective way of calming and helping your loved one – which is the priority during these moments.

Expert Memory Care and Support Services

At United Methodist Homes of New Jersey, we offer support services and assisted living communities specifically for Alzheimer’s and dementia residents in environments that deliver the highest quality of life. An individualized care plan, developed for each resident, addresses their unique needs and level of independence and focuses on everyday routines like cooking, gardening, socializing, setting the table and other common tasks within a community lifestyle. These memory care programs also include activities for general wellness such as fitness, music and other sensory-rich activities suited to your loved one’s enjoyment.

Our residences are designed to be comfortable and homey, encouraging independence while supplying essential support and onsite medical care. For more information on our memory support services for Alzheimer’s and dementia, please contact the nearest UMH today:

UMH Bristol Glen in Sussex County, NJ: (973) 300-5788

UMH Collingswood Manor in Camden County, NJ: (856) 854-4331

UMH Francis Asbury Manor in Monmouth County, NJ: (732) 774-1316

UMH Pitman Manor in Gloucester County, NJ: (856) 589-7800

UMH The Shores in Cape May County, NJ: 609-399-8505


For more information, please visit www.umh-nj.org.


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