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For the Health of It: Promoting the Wellness of Older Adults

While prevention is better than cure, it is never too late to get healthy. United Methodist Communities at The Wesleyan, located at 9 Wall Street in Red Bank, New Jersey, embraces a wellness agenda every day. On May 30, to promote the importance of regular physical activity not only for the older adults who reside there, but also for seniors in the community, they held For the Health of It.


Wendy Cedar, MBA, RDN, CDN, on-site coordinator of Wellness on Wheels, shows Elizabeth Abrams the hydroponic greenhouse.

Free and open to the public, the indoor and outdoor event highlighted local organizations, which focus on improving the health of older adults. Wendy Cedar, MBA, RDN, CDN, on-site coordinator of Wellness on Wheels (RWJBarnabas Health), showed attendees the hydroponic greenhouse, invited them to taste dressed salads, and distributed healthy recipes for its avocado-ranch dressing, as well as hummus, Indian-spiced cauliflower, etc. The mobile unit also demonstrates healthy cooking.

Many additional resources stationed indoors aided guests. Erik Jodelka, R.Ph., volunteered at the Ask a Pharmacist station, advising on prescription medication. Ask a Medicare Specialist, Charles Clarkson, Esq., project director of Senior Medicare Patrol of NJ, helped people understand the insurance program and answered questions. Laura Puccarelli, a local exercise instructor, conducted private individual fitness evaluations.


Charles Clarkson, Esq., project director of Senior Medicare Patrol of NJ, helps a guest interpret some Medicare documents.

Paula Ross, RN (registered nurse) from Monmouth Medical Center, tested for balance, explaining the importance of the inner ear, vision, joints, and feet, in maintaining balance and preventing falls, a major risk factor among older adults. Since bone health also correlates with fall risk, a second nurse from Monmouth Medical, Linda Grimes, RN, screened for bone density. Shari Wiseman, beauty consultant, and Elisa DiCorcia, store manager from Walgreen’s Pharmacy in Tinton Falls, shared advice and goody bags of health and beauty aids. All organizations shared handouts in Spanish and in English, and provided referrals.

Pamela Joyce, social service coordinator, arranged the logistics and organized the event. “The Wesleyan actively promotes senior wellness through our resident-oriented programs. We also offer programs and resources to the broader community through Senior Space, held at the Women’s Club of Red Bank every Wednesday.”

About United Methodist Communities at The Wesleyan

The United Methodist Church of Red Bank and Shrewsbury Avenue A.M.E. Zion Church partnered with United Methodist Communities to construct The Wesleyan. Funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Monmouth County Home Program brought this 60-unit residential senior community to life. The first residents took occupancy in October 1998.

For additional information about United Methodist Communities at The Wesleyan, visit UMCommunities.org/TheWesleyan or call 732-936-0760.

About United Methodist Communities

United Methodist Communities is a not-for-profit organization guided by a volunteer board of directors affiliated in ministry with the United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey. The mission of the United Methodist Communities is compassionately serving in community so that all are free to choose abundant life.

With over 111 years of continuous operation, the organization has grown to nine communities offering independent, residential and assisted living; Tapestries® Memory Care; respite; rehabilitation; long-term care; Bridges Hospice and Palliative Care; affordable senior housing; and case management, live-in and in-home personal care through HomeWorks.

For additional information about United Methodist Communities, visit UMCommunities.org

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Is Assisted Living Suited to Seniors on Dialysis?

Day in the Life of a Patient, hospital room visit

People often ask our assisted living team in Sussex County, if assisted living is the right place for seniors on dialysis. Since it’s American Diabetes Alert Month and National Kidney Month, we’d like to share some insight on this issue with our readers.

Dialysis is an Advanced Medical Treatment 

First of all, we’d like to talk a bit about what dialysis is and how this affects senior caregiving. Dialysis is a life-saving treatment for people with kidney disease or health issues like diabetes, which compromise kidney function. Without the kidneys filtering out dangerous waste products from the blood, these toxic substances quickly build up and make patients dangerously sick and — if left untreated — this is fatal.

Dialysis, a vital machine filtering process, drawing the blood out of a patient, circulating it through a filtering process, and restoring it to the body, is a medical treatment. This incredible medical technology saves lives and buys viable patients time before they can receive a kidney transplant.

Dialysis and Seniors 

In certain circumstances this process can be temporary, such as when the kidneys are expected to make a recovery, but in many cases, dialysis is permanent and will form part of regular care, including end-of life care. A qualified medical team and advanced equipment is required for this treatment, and for these reasons, few assisted living communities offer onsite facilities for seniors on dialysis.

Instead, dialysis can be accessed through scheduled hospital treatments on an out-patient basis (if the health condition is temporary and the patient is expected to recover enough not to require dialysis) while staying in an assisted living community (providing they meet the community’s additional requirements).

It can also be accessed through some hospice facilities as part of a palliative care program. This is only provided if the patient meets other hospice admission requirements and may involve visiting a hospital on an outpatient basis for dialysis if it is required as part of the patient care program. This decision is based on putting the needs of seniors on dialysis first and ensuring that they have access to a facility that offers the best possible care for their needs.

If you would like to find out more about what care options our CCRC and assisted living community can offer you and your loved one or would like more clarification on dialysis in an assisted living community, please don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly team.

Assisted Living and Independent Living for Seniors at Our CCRC in Sussex County New Jersey 

Bristol Glen is a CCRC with assisted living in Sussex County that aims to provide seniors with comfortable, serviced living arrangements that free up your time to enjoy life. Different living styles under one roof allows residents to access care as needed and remain in their community.

Contact us to find out more about our CCRC and assisted living in Sussex County, New Jersey, please visit our website at https://bristolglen.umcommunities.org/ and book your visit today.

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A Guide to Adaptive Clothing and it’s Benefits for the Elderly

senior woman arthritis hands fastens velcro shoe closure

As the senior population grows, more and more retailers and designers are focusing on the clothing needs of older adults. Adaptive clothing is one option that makes dressing easier and more comfortable for different needs.

Here’s more about this type of clothing from the team at our assisted living community in Camden County, NJ.

What is Adaptive Clothing? 

These are clothing options that are adapted to senior use, making dressing and ambulation easier for older adults and their caregivers. This includes pants with Velcro rather than snap fasteners, shoes that slide on securely rather than laces or buckles, shirts that use Velcro or magnetic fasteners rather than buttons, and clothes that pull on with elasticated fasteners rather than zippers. To provide additional comfort, adaptive clothing is made of soft and gentle fabrics.

What are the Benefits of Using Adaptive Clothing? 

For older adults and people with physical limitations, the benefits of adaptive clothing are significant. Painful joints and health conditions like Parkinson’s Disease can make the simple daily task of getting dressed and undressed an emotionally frustrating experience.

Adaptive clothing solves this by removing common obstacles like buttons and laces, making this process much easier. For many seniors, this can mean that they no longer need a caregiver’s assistance for this task, which is incredibly empowering and goes a long way to supporting senior independence.

For seniors who still require assistance, adaptive clothing is easier for caregivers as well, making it less time-consuming and a far more simplified process.

Where Can I Find Adaptive Clothing? 

Many retailers are now stocking adaptive clothing, including Silvert’s, Buck and Buck, Amazon, Walmart, and Resident Essentials. If you are handy at sewing, there are also plenty of patterns and guides online to make this clothing yourself. As with all clothing for seniors, it’s important to find the right fit in terms of comfort, safety and fall prevention. Make sure that the shoes and slippers have good gripping soles, that pants are hemmed to the right length to prevent tripping, and that clothing can be easily layered for warmth as well as sun protection.

Assisted living Camden County NJ – A Community That Cares About Senior Independence 

Collingswood is part of the United Methodist Communities network of high-quality, non-profit assisted living communities specializing in independent living for seniors. With an experienced care and assistance team, scalable services customized to each resident’s needs, and a lively social calendar, we focus our community to provide essential resources that promote independence and quality of life.

To find out more about United Methodist Communities or our assisted living community in Camden County, NJ, please visit our website at http://collingswood.umcommunities.org/ or contact us and book your visit today.

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6 Christmas Activities Your Whole Family Will Love

Grandparents with children looking Christmas photos on cell phone

Want your festive season to be filled with fun for every member of your family? The team at our assisted living community in Gloucester County has put together a list of events happening in December 2018 everyone will love, young and old:

  1. Santa Parade and Christmas in the Park. Christmas in Pitman! Beginning Nov. 24, Santa comes to Pitman in the Santa Parade. Then each Thursday-Saturday, visit Santa in his house and take an old fashioned trolley ride throughout town and enjoy all the sights and sounds of Christmas each weekend, leading up to Christmas.
  2. Downtown Haddonfield Candlelight Shopping. From November 23, 2018 through December 21, 2018 enjoy candlelight shopping in Haddonfield, featuring in-store events, unique gift ideas, horse-drawn carriage rides and live holiday entertainment every Friday in the Downtown.
  3. Christmas shows at the Strand Theatre. Located in Lakewood, this theatre puts on a range of productions over the Christmas season, from the traditional Nutcracker performed by the Atlantic City Ballet and Garden State Philharmonic, to holiday shows, carols and concerts.
  4. The Nutcracker at The Kendall Main Stage Theater. The Roxey Ballet, the award-winning professional dance company, is proud to present its annual holiday classic: Audiences can also expect a visit from Santa and his jolly friends during the performance! The Kendall Main Stage Theater is in Ewing, NJ. Follow this link for dates, times, and ticket details: https://www.visitnj.org/nj-events/nutcracker
  5. Christmas Village in Philadelphia. Located in Love Park from Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve, Christmas Village will feature over 80 vendors selling authentic European food, ornaments, and arts & crafts from all over the world!
  6. The Christmas Spectacular. Starring the Radio City Rockettes, this Broadway show is a festive season tradition that’s being happening for over 75 years! With something for every age, this singing, dancing show is sure to wow any audience. Get ready for dazzling costumes, precision choreography and special effects!

Looking for Assisted Living Gloucester County That Prioritizes Quality of Life? Speak to Our Team Today 

Pitman is an assisted living community in Gloucester County, NJ, offering high quality, scalable assisted living services in a comfortable, well-supported and beautiful environment. As part of the United Methodist Communities network, we also offer rehabilitation, access to therapists, hospice care, respite care and memory care and support services. We welcome seniors from all faith backgrounds.

To find out more about our assisted living community, please visit our website at https://pitman.umcommunities.org/ contact us today or book a personal tour. 

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Long-term Care Planning Month-The Ideal Time to Start Planning for Retirement


Long-term care planning is a critical part of retirement planning, ensuring that you and your spouse have the assistance and care you require later in life. In observance of long-term care planning month, our assisted living team in Gloucester County is sharing some great advice and tips to make this easier and more effective:

  • Think about your worst-case scenario. While most people avoid thinking about the worst possibilities, the fact is that taking a realistic look at your position and possible outcomes is the best way of avoiding worst-case scenarios. The first step toward creating a functional long-term care plan is to be thorough and open about your personal situation, spending habits, financial capabilities and care requirements.
  • Housing considerations. Starting your planning process early allows you to examine the options available in your community and develop a plan that can accommodate your needs as they change. You may want to stay in your current home for the next few years and then find an assisted living community once it becomes too much to handle.

If you or your spouse has health conditions like Alzheimer’s, look at long-term care facilities that offer memory care and therapies while still offering the other an independent lifestyle. This stage is all about knowing the options, what each offers and what they cost.

  • Health considerations. Even if you are currently in good health, it’s important to have a plan in place to meet your needs or those of your spouse if either of you become seriously ill or disabled. Make sure your wishes are well-known to your dependents, ensure your healthcare directives are up-to-date and talk to your doctor about ways you can better protect your health. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your insurance can adequately cover your needs if your health deteriorates.
  • Financial considerations. The cost of long-term care is on the rise and is currently sitting at a national average of $97,455 per year for a private room in a nursing home and $45,000 per year at an assisted living facility. This means that having a financial plan in place is essential, so speak to your advisor about how best to fund long-term care, available coverage options and qualifications for Medicaid.

You can get a better idea about the costs involved by visiting local assisted living communities, finding out how much their services cost and what you are getting for your money.

Assisted Living in Gloucester County Means Comprehensive Care and a Warm Community

Pitman is an assisted living community in Gloucester County, NJ, offering high quality, scalable assisted living services in a comfortable, well-supported and beautiful environment. As part of the United Methodist Communities network, we also offer rehabilitation, access to therapists, hospice care, respite care and memory care and support services. We welcome seniors from all faith backgrounds.

To find out more about our assisted living community, please visit our website at https://pitman.umcommunities.org/ contact us today or book a personal tour.

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5 Options for Summertime Fun with Seniors

Summer with my grandpa

Here are some ideas from the team at our CCRC in Sussex County New Jersey for spending quality time with your loved ones this summer:

  1. Pack a picnic lunch and dine at the local park. When the weather is great, there’s nothing like gathering the family together for a picnic in one of the beautiful local and state parks! Memory Park in Newton is great if you have active young kids who want to run around while you sit and relax.
    Swartswood State Park, a 3,460-acre protected area spreading across both Stillwater and Hampton townships in Sussex County, is fantastic for whole-day family events as there are lots of activities as well as beautiful scenery.
    Waterloo Village, a restored 19th-century canal town in Byram Township, offers a trip down memory lane with historic buildings and pretty canal walks.
  2. Attend free summer concerts. Thursdays on the Green is a free summer concert series hosted by the Sussex County Community College that’s become a much-loved tradition for local residents. This year, the line-up features everything from country music and Broadway hits to folk, jazz and classic rock.
    There will be food vendors, artisanal stalls and giveaways — all you need are your picnic blankets and chairs. Performances start at 6:30pm on the Connor Green.
  3. Spend time on the beach or lake. Sussex County has many beautiful miles of beach and lake shores and summer is the perfect time to plan a family day trip. Sand Beach is a safe haven for swimming, picnicking and relaxing. There are lovely grassy areas, too!
    Cranberry Lake is another popular option with two swimming beaches (including a toddler-friendly beach), sailing and boating facilities and a snack shack.
  4. Create a family memory book. Crafts are another fun way to pass the time and enjoy some quality time with your loved one. A memory book filled with the adventures you’ve had together is a great project! Get all your crafting gear together, print photos and settle down to share some memories and laughs, while creating a lasting souvenir.
  5. Make a pie with seasonal fruit. If you and your loved one share a passion for baking, then summer is the perfect time to make everyone’s favorite dessert — pie! Visit a farmer’s market like the Sussex County Farmer’s Market or Andersen Farms to pick up the freshest and tastiest fruit of the season and enjoy a delicious day together.

Please take care during all outdoor activities this summer and remember sun hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and cover-ups for your seniors — and stay hydrated!

Live Life to the Fullest with Our Scalable CCRC in Sussex County, NJ 

Bristol Glen, an independent senior living community in Sussex County, provides seniors with comfortable living choices that free up time to enjoy life.

Contact us to find out more about our CCRC and in Sussex County, New Jersey, amenities and services. Please visit our website at https://bristolglen.umcommunities.org/ and book your visit today.

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Leave the Old Age Home Stereotype Behind

Elder talking to woman

If you grew up in the 70s, your perception of senior living is probably tainted with ideas of very old, fragile men and women with serious end-of-life issues. A tour through many of that period’s facilities may have done little to dispel your image of these “homes” as places to be avoided at all costs.

But like everything else, the world for older adults has changed and evolved. People are living longer and a greying population makes up more of the overall population in the USA than ever before. People are savvier about the care options available for them or their loved ones, and the internet offers a wealth of information on the credibility and capabilities of caregivers.

And so, 50 years later, the senior living and senior care industry has changed dramatically. The current need for care and companionship has as many different levels as the people who need them. It’s no longer a one-size-fits-all business, and the level of service, quality of lifestyle, and the diverse options for comfort of living make senior communities a vibrant place-to-be for many — both rewarding for employees and stimulating and safe for residents.

The stereotype of cold, hospital-like facilities has been left behind in favor of diverse, vibrant communities that cater to a wide range of lifestyles, living options and care services. This has made assisted living and Continuing Care Retirement Communities much-desired options for older adults, who desire a high-quality of life, convenience, independence and tailored care from trained professionals, all in a homey, comfortable and modern setting.

These demographic and consumer changes are also creating a boom industry for healthcare workers. Modern senior care aides, an enthusiastic and passionate flock of professionals, feel excited about the industry and the difference they make in the lives of seniors.

From nursing and medical staff to certified caregivers and therapists, all these associates are trained and screened. They genuinely care about delivering real quality of life to seniors. In fact, the attraction to this industry is so strong that in 2015, employment in the healthcare and social assistance sector grew by a significant 3.5%. Between 2000 and 2016, healthcare employment in general grew by a huge 42% —much of it sparked by the increased focus on healthcare services for seniors.

This transformation in the population and thus in the senior living industry creates an important milestone, changing the perception of senior care and creating communities that are a joy to live and work in.

Customized Care with a Focus on Independent Living – Assisted living in Camden County, NJ 

United Methodist Communities at Collingswood New Jersey  is part of the United Methodist Communities network of high-quality, non-profit, assisted living communities specializing in senior living. With an experienced care and assistance team, scalable services customized to each resident’s needs, and a lively social calendar, we focus on essential resources that promote independence and quality of life.

If you speak with the team at Collingswood, you will learn about their tremendous sense of satisfaction from caring for, and having relationships with active, vibrant seniors — often a rewarding and life-changing experience. An environment which upholds spirituality and a non-profit mission as the framework for everything they do helps. Our associates also live “the abundant life” by having a true sense of purpose when they come to work every day.

To find out more about career opportunities at any of the four full-service United Methodist Communities or our assisted living community in Camden County, NJ, please visit our website at http://collingswood.umcommunities.org/ or contact us today.

Original content posted on https://umcommunities.org/blog/leave-the-old-age-home-stereotype-behind/


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