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A Guide to Breast Health and Wellness as We Age

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so our CCRC Sussex County, NJ team decided it’s the ideal time to talk about senior breast health!

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the result of abnormal, malignant cell growth in breast tissue, and is the second most common cancer affecting women after melanoma. The American Cancer Society estimated that over 231,000 women in the USA alone would be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2015, with 40,290 of those cases proving to be fatal.

The risk of breast cancer in seniors – What you need to know

Several risk factors make it more likely for someone to contract breast cancer, and many of these are especially relevant to seniors. These factors include:

  • Aging
  • Menopause occurring after the age of 50
  • Long-term use of oral contraceptives
  • Post-menopausal weight gain
  • No pregnancy/Pregnancy after age 30
  • Genetic history of breast cancer

Other risk factors to be aware of include adolescent weight gain, radiation exposure to the chest region as a child, start of menarche before age 12, and increased breast tissue density.

Senior health and wellness tips to reduce the risks of breast cancer

As with most cancers, early detection is key to treating and surviving breast cancer, so the best tip we can give you is to keep up with regular screening with your physician. The U.S. Preventative Services recommends that women aged 50 to 74 attend biennial mammography screenings (one every second year) as these can detect the cancer before symptoms start to show.

Clinical breast exams are also recommended at least every three years, and you can perform a self-exam on your own, carefully feeling the breast for any lumps. If any are found, it’s best to see a doctor for a more thorough checkup as soon as possible.
If you are especially high-risk for breast cancer, speak to your physician about a more detailed detection process, as they may recommend more frequent mammograms or MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging).

Other tips for helping to reduce risk factors include:

  • Limit alcohol to recommended intake.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Lose any excess weight.
  • Commit to a healthy diet and exercise plan as recommended by your physician.

Comfortable living for independent seniors at our CCRC in Sussex County, New Jersey

Bristol Glen, an independent senior living community based in Sussex County, provides comfortable living arrangements and services that free up seniors’ time to enjoy life.

Contact us to find out more about our CCRC and our assisted living facilities in Sussex County, NJ, and our amenities and services, please visit our website at https://bristolglen.umcommunities.org and book your visit today.

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Great outings and events for seniors this summer

  • The Tri-County Fair: Held in Rockaway, NJ from June 16-19, this family-friendly fair is a great event for all ages. With ample local food, live music and fireworks, it’s a terrific day out to share with your loved ones.
  • Canal Day Festival: A country fair that celebrates the rich history of the Morris Canal and the surrounding communities, this festival is held in Hugh Force Canal Park in Wharton, NJ on 20 August. Featuring a craft show, great food and musical performances ranging from classical productions to Irish folk music, this is an entertaining and family-friendly cultural event.
  • NJ State Barbeque Championship & Blues Festival: If the only thing you love more than the blues is a great barbeque, then you can’t miss this festival! Featuring live cooking demonstrations alongside top regional and national blues acts, this festival is held on June 8-10 in North Wildwood, NJ.
  • Grounds for Sculpture: Located at 80 Sculptors Way in Hamilton, this park is open from Tuesday to Sunday as well as Memorial Day weekend. Filled with incredible sculptures that change on a rotating basis and host to wellness walks, guided tours and HortiSculpture  talks, this park is a must-see for locals and tourists alike.
  • Free summer movies: Counties all over New Jersey offer free viewings of movies at various locations, from community centers and parks to beaches and libraries. Catch all your favorite classics under the starry skies at Sparta’s Dyktra Park and Summit’s Village Green – or any of the other many locations featured across the state.
  • High Point State Park: If you’d like to get away from it all, this beautiful state park offers a serene day trip into nature. Ideal for the family as well, this park offers fishing, boating, picnicking, swimming and plenty of nature walking opportunities.

Live life to the full with independent living communities in Sussex County, NJ 

United Methodist Communities at Bristol Glen offers the highest level of independent senior living at our continuing care retirement community in New Jersey. Our priority is that you live life to the fullest while we take care of all your day-to-day tasks.

While we offer assisted living, nursing and  skilled nursing services, we customize the level of assistance you require in order to perfectly meet your individual needs. Our welcoming and social atmosphere allows you to mix with the community at a level at which you are comfortable. Our wide range of activities, outings, events and social clubs allow you to pursue your interests and hobbies.

For more information on Bristol Glen and our CCRC facilities, please contact us today and visit us for a personal tour.


This content was originally posted at https://umcommunities.org/blog/great-outings-events-seniors-summer/

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Independent Living Or Assisted Living – How To Determine Which Senior Living Option Is Right For You Or Your Elderly Loved One

Finding the right senior living option is all about understanding your needs and determining the types of services that best fit those needs. Two of the most popular options are independent living and assisted living. Here’s a quick guide to each of these options to help you make an informed choice.

Is Independent Living Right for You?

Independent living is all about keeping seniors healthy, active and safe. Ask yourself these questions and find out if this is the senior living option that suits you:

  • Are you finding maintaining your home is becoming too much work?
  • Is your home too big for you and are you looking to downsize?
  • Are you looking for a community in which you can be active and make friends?
  • Are you worried your current home has become unsuitable for  you (e.g. It has a lot of stairs or tripping hazards)?
  • Do you want more time to pursue your interests and hobbies?
  • Do you want access to trained home health services  if needed, but do not require medical attention?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you are likely to be a good match for an independent living community. These communities are designed for healthy seniors who are looking to maintain their independence, remove the stress of owning and maintaining a house and have the freedom to enjoy their hobbies and social lives. Residents at Bristol Glen’s Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) enjoy spacious apartment homes, a host of onsite amenities and independent living with the fulfilling companionship of friends and neighbors. While independence and dignity are maximized, safety and security are also of utmost importance at all of our communities. At Bristol Glen an independent living lifestyle is combined with access to assisted living services and skilled nursing all under one roof. Residents feel safe and their loved ones can rest assured that all needs are being met.

Is Assisted Living Right for You?

Assisted living is also focused on maintaining your independence and quality of life, but is generally more suited to seniors who require more support. Ask yourself these questions and find out if this is the senior living option that suits you:

  • Is maintaining your home becoming stressful and expensive?
  • Has your home become unsuitable to your needs (e.g. It has a lot of stairs) or is it too big?
  • Do you have a medical condition that requires support?
  • Do you require assistance with transport, bathing, dressing, meal preparation or medication administration?
  • Do you want more time to pursue your interests and social activities?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then you are likely to be a good match for an assisted living community. With a higher level of support and care, both medically and with daily tasks and errands, this is an ideal community for seniors who need additional support to maintain a high quality of life and independence. Assisted Living Services are offered to residents in all United Methodist Homes of New Jersey full service communities. Assisted living residents benefit from both medical and non-medical assistance as needed. Senior care services include housekeeping, medication assistance, health monitoring, reminders and/or assistance with activities of daily living, personal care, concierge services, and more.

At United Methodist Homes of New Jersey, our aim is to ensure that each of our residents maintain their dignity, quality of life and independence. Our independent living and assisted living communities ensure residents are encouraged to get involved with the community at a level they are comfortable with. We tailor our services to make sure each resident gets the help and support they require to live a full and happy life as they age. For more information please visit www.umh-nj.org.

This content was originally published at http://www.umh-nj.org/blog/independent-living-or-assisted-living-how-to-determine-which-senior-living-option-is-right-for-you-or-your-elderly-loved-one/

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Understanding The Difference Between Independent Living And Assisted Living

Ultimately the choice between assisted living and independent living should be determined by the needs of your elderly loved one. If an aging adult has difficulties with daily activities or anticipates their needs changing in the near future, he or she may want to consider moving to an assisted or independent living community. To make the best decision, it is helpful to fully understand the differences between these lifestyle options.

What is Independent Living? 

Independent living is ideal for individuals who can still live without assistance but enjoy the peace of mind of having access to assistance when needed. Also known as Continuing Care Retirement Community living, an independent lifestyle minimizes personal chores and errands along with the costs and stress of homeownership.

Independent living services include:

  • Housekeeping.
  • Handyman/maintenance services.
  • Meal options.
  • 24-hour security, home alert system and access to nursing care.
  • Utilities cost (excluding cable television and telephone).
  • Transport services.
  • Social activities within the community.
  • Scalable services to increase support as and when it is required.

What is Assisted Living? 

Assisted living is designed for seniors who can no longer live safely on their own but don’t require advanced medical care like that provided by a nursing home. As part of an assisted living program, a resident would move into a private apartment in the community that offers an ideal living space – compact, easy to navigate and fitted with grab bars and a walk-in shower with seating.

Assisted living will ensure you stay as independent as possible with access to support services, including:

  • Housekeeping.
  • Handyman/maintenance services.
  • Health monitoring.
  • Up to three meals daily.
  • Reminders for daily activities/medication reminders.
  • Personal care and hygiene assistance.
  • Transport services.
  • 24-hour security, home alert system and access to nursing care.
  • Onsite physical, occupational and speech therapies.
  • Social activities within the community.

When considering senior living options, it is usually a good idea to plan with the future in mind. Bristol Glenoffers both assisted and independent living options so residents can adjust their lifestyle based on their changing needs. For more information about United Methodist Homes of New Jersey visit www.umh-nj.org.

This content was originally posted at http://www.umh-nj.org/blog/understanding-the-difference-assisted-living-independent-living/

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Why Your Elderly Loved Ones Should Consider a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in NJ

As we age our ability to complete daily tasks may start to grow increasingly more difficult. Additionally, it may become harder to pursue social and recreational activities. Sadly, these issues create an environment for aging seniors where safety, security and personal independence are severely compromised and quality of life is drastically diminished. At United Methodist Homes of NJ, we believe that no one should have to give up safety, dignity, independence or the pursuit of abundant life. Fortunately, with Continuing Care Retirement Communities in NJ such as Bristol Glen, seniors can take advantage of an independent lifestyle that allows them as much support as they may require. Let’s take a look ato the benefits you or your elderly loved one can experience at a CCRC.

The Benefits of Continuing Care Retirement Communities 

• Independence – At United Methodist Homes we offer a tiered approach to aging, ensuring residents maintain as much independence as possible while providing only the assistance and services needed. As you or your elderly loved one’s needs change, so will the services – often without requiring a change of address.

• More free time, less stress – You or your loved one will no longer be weighed down by the burden of caring for a home and all the responsibilities that come along with homeownership. Much more time is freed up to pursue hobbies, interests and a host of interactive programs offered at Bristol Glen.

• Amenities at your doorstep – In addition to the privacy and comfort of the upscale, apartment living experience the UMH Bristol Glen independent living community offers, you also have easy access to high-quality amenities. These include 24-hour emergency alert systems, fitness center, weekly housekeeping and maintenance services, as well as a full calendar of cultural, social and spiritual events throughout the year.

• Security and safety – UMH Bristol Glen also provides residents with security and protection, from access control to rapid medical and emergency response. All living and community areas are fully serviced with smoke detectors and emergency response systems and skilled nursing staff are present 24 hours a day.

At United Methodist Homes of New Jersey, our aim is to ensure each of our residents maintain their dignity, quality of life and independence. Our programs ensure residents are encouraged to get involved with the community at a level they are comfortable with. We tailor our services to make sure each resident gets the help and support they require to live a full and happy life. For more information, please contact UMH Bristol Glen today.

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What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

Are you among the many Americans 65 years or older, who wish to enjoy retirement without the added distraction and hassle of maintaining a home? Are you turned-off by the stigma of moving to a “senior facility?” United Methodist Homes of NJ can offer an answer with a look into a living arrangement known as a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community). CCRCs, with multiple living options, can significantly increase your quality of life and security while preserving your assets for your loved ones.

What Can A CCRC Offer Me?

For those that aren’t familiar with the acronym CCRC, it stands for Continuing Care Retirement Community. The State of New Jersey imposes specific requirements on organizations before they can be classified in this way. CCRCs are unique types of senior communities, dedicated to adults 65 years or older, that provide apartment style independent living accommodations as well as a continuum of care. “Continuum of care” implies that, even though a resident may not require any assistance initially, as their needs increase so can the care provided by the CCRC. In return for an entrance fee and a monthly service fee, a CCRC resident can live completely independently, but be in close proximity to social activities, have enhanced security, and gain access to incrementally greater assistance of all kinds as ongoing needs dictate.

CCRCs provide many of the same things for active seniors that over 55 communities offer but with a few important distinctions:
1. A CCRC provides access to more services and programs, more easily than an over 55 community.
2. The buy-in for an apartment home in a CCRC is typically much less than buying a condo or townhome in an over 55 community.
3. You don’t pay taxes or utility bills on your CCRC apartment home, just a monthly fee based on its size and the additional services you require, if any. CCRC living is “all inclusive.”
4. State licensed CCRC communities oftentimes offer a “Legacy Preservation” option which allows a large portion, usually 90% of the cost of the buy-in to be refunded to your estate when you die.
5. In a CCRC you are easily able to incrementally transition to greater levels of personal and medical assistance as you age or needs change.
6. CCRC fees typically include dinner in beautiful onsite dining rooms, access to a robust variety of senior activities, exercise programs, transportation assistance, concierge services and much more.
7. At UMH CCRC residents have access to assisted living services. Should your medical needs change, you are given priority into any of our assisted living programs.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

Many seniors who choose to live in an independent living community, such as United Methodist Homes’ continuing care retirement community, Bristol Glen, may not initially require assistance with daily activities, but enjoy the peace of mind that comes with living in a secure community, access to continuing care, and the ready companionship of other seniors, along with numerous other benefits. These benefits include:

  • Independent Senior Living – CCRC style independent living lets you leave behind the chores and errands you no longer care to do so you can enjoy maintenance and worry-free living.
  • Socialization & Entertainment – Similar to a college campus, a CCRC offers direct access to a thriving hub of recreational activities and social engagement inside and outside of the community.
  • All Inclusive Rent – Downsizing will simplify your life by eliminating the ongoing taxes, utility and maintenance costs associated with home ownership.
  • CCRC Amenities – UMH’s CCRC, Bristol Glen, includes amenities that you may previously not had access to such as fitness centers, movie theaters, bustling activities centers, and scenic grounds to name a few. Bristol Glen resembles a rural college campus with 74 beautiful acres of wooded grounds, meadows, trails, gardens, and terraces for walking, sitting, and enjoying nature.
  • Assistance (if you need it) – CCRCs differ from other retirement communities in that they assure access to specific health care services, including long-term care, should the need arise.
  • Flexible Financial Options – NJ State licensed CCRC communities also offer flexible financial options, including programs that allow for a refundable equity payment.

Understanding the CCRC Living Arrangement

If you are a senior looking for a secure but independent lifestyle without the added stress and responsibility of managing a home, then a CCRC may be the right choice for you. To find more about the services at Bristol Glen, visit our website at http://www.bristol-glen.umh-nj.org/.

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Tips to Move Your Loved One to an Assisted Living Community

Moving your loved one to an assisted living facility is not easy and starting a conversation about it can pose a challenge for all those involved. But keep in mind that as hard as it may be, in the end it can reduce stress or the likelihood of an emergency. Here are a few tips to make it easier:

•    Be ready with thorough research and information.
•    Always have open conversations with all those involved to ensure everyone’s feelings and concerns are voiced.
•    Talk when all those involved are well rested.
•    Try to recruit a trusted outside party i.e. family physician, clergy member or family friend to join the discussion.
•    Listen to your loved one’s desires and concerns, and understand their needs.
•    Don’t expect an immediate answer. It is vital to give your loved one time to assess new information. It may be necessary to have several discussions.

Making the Shift

Everyone can agree that a transition of any sort can be emotionally demanding.  The transition to assisted living is no different. For that reason it is extremely important to be aware of the feelings your loved one may be experiencing. Below are some ways to support a loved one through the transition to assisted living:

•    Don’t minimize their feelings. Allow your loved one to express their feelings and take it seriously.
•    Work through concerns together. While your loved one will likely go through a period of adjustment after moving into an assisted living facility, don’t automatically assume that complaints are just part of the transition process
•    Personalize the New Space. Personalize your loved one’s new living space to make it their own. A good way to achieve this is by helping with the selection of meaningful possessions.
•    Stay in regular contact. Include your loved one in family outings and events whenever possible. If your loved one lives far away, regular calls or emails will make a bigger impact than you may realize.

At United Methodist Homes, we are experts in providing safety and security with around the clock support and monitoring while maintaining the independence and dignity of our residents. To know more about our communities and assisted living services, click http://www.umh-nj.org/.

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Resident Life: Eve Knudsen

Her fingers glide across the keys, making that rare kind of music you hear with your ears but feel with your soul. Eve Knudsen, a resident of United Methodist Homes Francis Asbury Manor, is a gifted pianist.

Born in Manhattan, Eve grew up an only child in a music loving family. She was an outstanding student balancing her studies between school and music.

With Ruth Dautel, her music teacher and a protégé of the dean at the Julliard School of Music in New York City, Eve participated in many solo work, local concerts and symphonies in Newark. She was very excited expressing this, “I spent three years during high school and the first year after graduation doing accompanying work for many groups, including the New Jersey State Chorus, the New Jersey Symphony, various church groups, and even the Russian Cossacks, who traveled here from Russia.”

Eve also earned a scholarship to Julliard following her high school. The night before her solo for Julliard’s dean of music, who would finalize the scholarship, she was moved by an unexpected turn. “The dean passed away of a heart attack the night before my test,” Eve says. Instead of waiting six months to finalize her scholarship, Eve took a job as a bank bookkeeper to “repay my parents in some small way for all they had invested in my musical education.”

Eve looks back on a life filled with music as “very rewarding.” She is now a great grandmother of six and an excellent spokesperson for The United Methodist Homes communities.  Francis Asbury Manor has been her home for almost 20 years.

United Methodist Homes is committed to our communities, associates, volunteers and residents.  We celebrate the experiences, stories and lives of all those that make our close knit communities. To find out more information about UMH visit http://www.umh-nj.org/.

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Is Your Elderly Loved One Feeling SAD?

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a form of depression that occurs during the winter months when the days are shorter and colder. Sadly, elderly individuals with restricted mobility or that are homebound are at increased risk for SAD. Although the exact cause for SAD is unknown some mental health professionals believe it is related to a decreased exposure to natural sunlight and time spent outdoors.

Fortunately you can make a huge difference in the happiness and well-being of your loved one with these helpful tips:

•    Welcoming more natural light into the space where your loved one spends most time
•    Try to bring more life into the space by adding a variety of plants
•    Accent pieces with bright colors to bring new life to spaces
•    Maintaining well-rounded diet packed with nutrients may lessen the symptoms
•    Walk around indoors or outdoors (weather permitting)

United Methodist Homes of NJ is dedicated to maintaining the physical and mental well-being of our residents.  Our social model of senior living encourages residents to take part in various social activities within and outside our homes. Further, the dedicated staff found at all of our full service assisted living communities contributes to a stimulating and nurturing environment.

From Independent Living to various levels of assisted living services our homes provide an opportunity for seniors to meet new friends and life a full life- even during the cold weather months. To find out more about our services visit us at http://www.umh-nj.org.

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What Makes A Great Assisted Living Facility?

United Methodist Homes has been providing assisted living services in New Jersey for over 100 years.  Our longevity and success is attributed to a strong foundation of compassionate associates and the resident-centered assisted living model of our full service communities across New Jersey.

Continued Investment in Training and Development

Your loved one won’t just receive caregiving from a certified and highly professional staff; they will receive caring giving from compassionate professionals committed to senior care. To ensure the best in senior living services and care we are dedicated the growth and success of our associates. Presently, UMH offers newly hired associates an orientation, followed by periodic on-the-job training. Also our tuition reimbursement program gives associates the opportunity to seek higher level education. This and other learning and recognition opportunities provide associates with programs that strengthen their skills and abilities.

Resident-Centered Assisted Living

The Homes’ resident-centered assisted living model provides customized care based on the individual needs of every resident in a warm homelike environment.  We provide care for the aging that goes beyond traditional nursing home care. Our philosophy is based on the principle of “abundant life” and extends to include every aspect of support for the aged and their families. We offer six different levels of assisted living, with many special customizations possible within those levels. The full range of services at United Methodist Homes includes independent living, residential living, assisted living, memory support, respite and hospice care. For those needing a nursing home level of care, skilled nursing is also available, which includes long-term care and short-term rehabilitation.

We welcome individuals of every faith and individuals from every walk of life. Come and see what the UMH experience is all about, visit us at http://www.umh-nj.org.

Robbie Voloshin is Corporate Director of Marketing & Sales.

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