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What Families and Loved Ones Want from Hospice Care

Death, or the approach of death, is understandably difficult to deal with. Terminal patients, as well as their families and loved ones, often find it hard to address, feeling overwhelmed, confused and a loss of control.

This is when hospice comes in and lends a guiding hand in understanding what is coming, preparing for death and supporting loved ones in their grief. It is this support and these resources that families, patients, and loved ones need. Our hospice in South Jersey focuses on these needs to set the standards for excellent end-of-life care.

How Our Hospice Team Meets Your Needs

  • A comforting environment:

Very few people want to spend their last few months in a sterile, busy and unwelcoming hospital environment. Hospice offers the terminally ill a space to call their own, filled with the comforts of home and familiar items.

  • Spend time together:

Hospice providers understand this is an important time for family and loved ones. So, they are welcome to spend time at the hospice. With private accommodation for patients, you don’t have to worry about intruding on others. Our family dining space allows you to dine with your loved one throughout their stay. We also have gardens and outdoor spaces for family and loved ones to enjoy.

  •  Customized care:

No two hospice patients are the same, so care plans are created to meet each person’s specific requirements; modifications occur as their needs change. Whether your loved one is suffering from dementia, cancer or any other terminal illness, our fully trained and experienced care and medical staff can deliver the necessary assistance and treatments.

  • Grief support:

Compassion is the primary focus in hospice care, for patients as well as their loved ones. In addition to grief counselors, we also offer spiritual support throughout this difficult time.

  • Reduced stress:

While always an emotional and stressful time, our team will do as much as possible to share the load. Expert hospice care helps reduce the stress of caring for a loved one yourself. Knowing their medical and wellness needs are being taken care of means that family caregivers and loved ones can focus on what really matters — spending quality time together.

Find Out More About End-of-Life Care at Our Hospice in Cape May County

The Shores, part of the well-known United Methodist Communities nonprofit organization in New Jersey, offers compassionate, professional hospice care in Cape May County called Bridges. This program focuses on creating a nurturing and comforting environment for patients and their loved ones through customized care programs and compassionate support.

To find out more about hospice care in the Jersey Shore area, please visit our website at https://theshores.umcommunities.org or contact us today to organize your visit.

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When Is the Right Time for Family Caregivers to Consider Hospice Care?

Being a caregiver to a family member or friend is a choice that many people make because it helps avoid costly care and allows you to spend precious time with a loved one. However, many caregivers find this challenging role can become overwhelming in later stages of care and when illnesses become terminal. At this point, hospice care may become the right choice for you and your loved one. Here are some insights from our hospice care provider in Ocean City on making this decision:

Hospice is about comfort and care at the end of life

Firstly, it is important to know that hospice is a level of care that is reserved only for patients nearing their end-of-life, or who have terminal conditions that can no longer be effectively treated by doctors. In order to qualify for hospice, patients or their families have to be certified by a physician to have six months or less of their life remaining, however, they will continue to qualify for hospice after six months, as long as the physician is able to continue to document the patient’s eligibility.

This qualification process remains in place because the focus of hospice is not about treating a disease — rather, it is about providing patients and their loved ones a high level of comfort, compassion and care as they go through this transition. Medical teams and care workers assist with pain and symptom management and wellness, as well as to provide bereavement support and pastoral care (if needed).

Can family caregivers and loved ones benefit from hospice care?

The short answer to this question is yes, absolutely. Providing end-of-life-care as a family caregiver is an overwhelming task, not only because it requires such a significant shift in care as well as increased care demands, but because this can be a difficult and emotionally stressful time for you as well as your loved one.

Hospice offers an entire team and range of services dedicated to assisting you and your loved one. Not only does their experience, access to medical equipment and skilled services help ensure the highest level of care and comfort for your loved one, they also free your time from daily caregiving tasks so you can actually spend quality time together.

The Shores, a part of the well-known United Methodist Communities non-profit organization in New Jersey, offers a compassionate, professional hospice dedicated neighborhood in Cape May County called Bridges. This program focuses on creating a nurturing and comforting environment for residents and their loved ones through customized care and compassionate support. To find out more about our hospice neighborhood in South Jersey, please contact us today at https://theshores.umcommunities.org/.

Original content posted on https://umcommunities.org/blog/right-time-family-caregivers-consider-hospice-care/

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