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Fun Mental Exercises to Keep Our Brains Healthy and Sharp

An active and healthy brain plays an important role in our happiness and wellness as we age, helping to fight dementia and other degenerative conditions which affect cognition and memory. Here are some useful mental exercises from our assisted living community in Gloucester County that help keep brains sharp:

  • Long-term learning. Fascinated by history or literature? Always wanted to play a musical instrument? Studies have shown that learning new things has a lasting long-term effect on mental abilities, and free time in retirement allows us to indulge a passion or interest.
  • Crosswords and Sudoku.: Affordable, easily available and catering to different strengths, crossword puzzles and other word games and Sudoku provide quick, and enjoyable mental challenges. While newspapers always offer a few options, there are many dedicated books available as well as online resources, so you can make the most of this challenge.
  • Take up gardening. Gardening isn’t just about physical labor, which increases oxygen flow to the brain, it’s also about learning new skills and information and putting them into practice. Discovering and understanding new information about different plants, soils, pest control, cultivation, tools, and climates, then putting it all into practice, stimulates the brain. Being outdoors in the sunshine also helps seniors get their dose of Vitamin D, which helps balance hormones in the brain and strengthen bones— just don’t forget to stay hydrated and wear sun protection.
  • Getting creative. Drawing, painting and other crafting activities help to stimulate fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and focus/concentration skills. As social activities, they help stimulate parts of the brain responsible for memory, language and more.
  • Learning a new sport. Sports aren’t just for the young they benefit seniors, too. Great sports like hiking, walking, yoga, swimming, dancing, golf, and tennis utilize mind and body to help strengthen memory and cognitive ability, as well as muscles, bones and other vital systems.

Independent living at our assisted living community in Camden County, NJ 

Pitman is an assisted living community in Gloucester County, NJ, offering high quality assisted living services in a comfortable, well-supported and beautiful environment. As part of the United Methodist Communities’ network, we also offer rehabilitation; physical, occupational and speech therapists; hospice and palliative care; respite care; and memory support services for seniors of all faith backgrounds.

To find out more about our assisted living community, please contact us today at https://pitman.umcommunities.org to book a personal tour.

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Senior living tips: How to prevent falls

Falls in the home are one of the biggest risks facing seniors. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that one out of three seniors fall each year – and that falling once doubles the risk of a second fall.

This is a very serious issue for seniors, as falls carry a  high risk of broken bones and head injuries, with over 250,000 older adults needing hospitalization for hip fractures alone.

In addition to carrying significant personal trauma and financial cost, injuries also tend to have a longer and more intensive recovery time as we age, requiring more extensive therapy and medical attention.

Here are some tips for minimizing the risk of falls in seniors’ homes: 

  • De-clutter: Clutter creates tight spaces full of obstacles, making the home hard to move through freely. This can include anything from rooms overcrowded with furniture to stacks of books and magazines. Removing clutter and ensuring wide paths for walkers and wheelchairs will prevent collisions and injuries from falling items.
  • Install good lighting: Poor lighting won’t just strain your eyes, it also makes it harder to see where you’re going – making good lighting (especially in hallways and on staircases) an essential safety feature. Installing nightlights by the bed is a great way to softly light a bedroom without having to get up in total darkness.
  • Handrails: Installing handrails or grab bars in bathrooms and on stairs will help seniors to maneuver themselves more quickly and easily without loosing their balance.
  • Remove tripping hazards: Things like loose rugs, polished floors, electrical cables and damaged floorboards can easily cause a fall. You can either repair the item or remove it from the home and replace it with something secure and safe to walk on.
  • Non-slip carpeting and mats: Putting non-slip mats in bathtubs and showers will give your loved one an extra grip when bathing. They can also be placed on kitchen floors and tiled/smooth-surfaced outdoor areas that can get wet and slippery.
  • Get the right clothing: Trousers and skirts that are too long are another serious tripping hazard for seniors. Correctly hemmed clothing will help increase comfort and safety. Also, check the soles of your loved one’s shoes for wear that can reduce their grip and, if your loved one likes wearing socks around the house, invest in some non-slip socks.

Our Continuing Care Retirement Communities are designed with safety in mind 

At United Methodist Homes (UMH) of New Jersey, we offer all our residents comfortable and spacious senior living accommodations that are designed to meet senior safety standards – whether your loved one is independent or requires assisted living services. Complete with 24-hour emergency alert and fire safety systems, these apartments are well lit, fully equipped and easily navigable on foot, with a walker or in a wheelchair. We also offer housekeeping services, interior maintenance services, meal services and 24-hour access to licensed nurses for additional care and peace of mind.

For more information on our independent senior living, assisted living, long-term and nursing home care communities in Sussex County, Camden County, Monmouth County, greater Gloucester County and greater Cape May County in New Jersey, please contact us at UMH today or visit www.umh-nj.org for more information.


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Christmas activities your whole family will love.

The festive holiday season is a great time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family, especially in New Jersey. With numerous cultural events, markets and productions, there’s plenty to do for kids, grandparents and everyone in between.

  • The Nutcracker: This year, NJ Ballet and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra are putting on a world-class production of The Nutcracker. From the 11th to the 26th of December at the Moyo Performing Arts Center, this beautiful holiday classic will be an enchanting experience for all.
  • The Holiday Candlelight Tour of Liberty Hall: If you love Christmas decorations, this is the tour for you. Showcasing festive décor from the 1910s to the 1950s, this one-night only experience promises to be as fascinating as it is beautiful. It will take place in Union NJ on the 6th of December and there will be three tours: 5:00 pm, 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm.
  • Gingerbread House Workshop: Held at the Liberty Hall Museum in Union NJ, this popular event is a favorite for families with a sweet tooth. Held every Saturday from the 13th to the 20th, in two sessions (10:00 am – 11:30 am, and 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm), children get to decorate their own gingerbread houses with gumdrops, candy canes and other seasonal treats.
  • Smithville holiday lights show: If you’re in the Southern Shore Region, be sure to visit this famous historic village. A special light show involving over 100 trees and a beautifully decorated Victorian-style village await you and, on Hospitality Night (December 6th), the town will be filled with merchants offering treats, discounted goods and artworks.
  • Adventure Aquarium: For the festive season, the aquarium, located in Camden, is transformed into an underwater Christmas wonderland, complete with twinkling lights, falling snow and SCUBA Santa. Come and visit with the whole family from November 28th to January 1st.

Independent living, assisted living and long term care specialists 

At United Methodist Homes of New Jersey, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible services for retirees and senior citizens. With a wide range of services and care options tailored to your needs, our highly trained and caring staff are dedicated to maintaining your independence and dignity. Our senior living communities have an extensive range of amenities and a strong social component, encouraging all our residents to live an abundant life.

For more information, please contact us today or visit www.umh-nj.org.


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What are the differences between Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Communities?

When you are looking for a senior care and living option for yourself or a loved one, you’ll come across two very popular options: namely assisted living communities and Continuing Care Retirement Communities. But what do these options offer residents and how are they different?

A Guide to Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living refers to care and daily living support offered to seniors in a comfortable, residential setting. These support services are tailored to the needs of each resident, giving them access to a wide range of assistance when needed. These services include:

  • Daily living services – Housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, transport, dressing and bathing, as well as meal preparation.
  • Medical care services – Medication assistance, health monitoring, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy as well as 24-hour access to nursing staff.

The living options found at United Methodist Homes of New Jersey assisted living communities are designed for seniors with different needs. All these residences are spacious, stair-free and easily navigable and some have walk-in showers, grab bars and other built in amenities. We offer different levels of assisted living, ranging from minor support to more intensive assistance, and residents upgrade their level of care as they require it.

A Guide to Continuing Care Retirement Communities

These communities are characterized by their strong commitment to helping seniors stay as independent and active as possible, offering a wide range of amenities and social activities right on their residents’ door steps while removing the stress and costs associated with maintaining a house. An additional benefit of CCRCs such as United Methodist Homes Bristol Glen, is the availability of assisted living services if needed. This allows residents to change their level of care as they require it all under one roof.

At United Methodist Homes of New Jersey, our aim is to ensure each of our residents maintain their dignity, quality of life and independence. Our programs encourage residents to get involved with the community at a level they are comfortable with and we tailor our services to make sure each resident gets the help and support they require to live a full and happy life as they age.  For more information, visit www.umh-nj.org.

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Things to Consider When Researching Continuing Care Retirement Communities in NJ

Finding the right Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) or independent living community for your elderly loved one or yourself can seem overwhelming. Understandably the process involves extensive research and knowing the right questions to ask. Many people looking for senior living options just aren’t exactly sure where to start – which is why we’ve developed this list of considerations to help you in your search.

  • Location – When searching for a Continuing Care Retirement Community it is important to take stock of your current lifestyle and determine a suitable environment for your retirement years. For example, if a small town atmosphere surrounded by nature sounds appealing, you should definitely give Bristol Glen a visit.  We are located in the rustic countryside of Sussex County, NJ that sits peacefully on 74 beautiful acres of woodlands and meadows surrounded by mountains, lakes and state parks.
  • Philosophy – One of the biggest concerns for people moving into a Continuing Care Retirement Community is how their freedom and lifestyle will be affected. United Methodist Homes of New Jersey takes a resident centered approach to senior living.  We match professional services with the needs of the individuals rather than a “one size fits all” approach. At Bristol Glen CCRC, and all of our communities, we emphasize social engagement and independence. Dignity and privacy are maximized for all residents.
  • Customized Care – Often, communities utilize a one-size-fits-all approach to care regarding their residents. At United Methodist Homes of New Jersey, we embrace individual needs and requirements. We also recognize that residents’ needs may change over time. Independent living at Bristol Glen gives residents access to a wide range of care options to be used on an as need basis.
  • Experience – Senior care is an area where experience counts both in terms of the care residents receive and in terms of you and your loved one’s peace of mind. For over 100 years United Methodist Homes of New Jersey has been providing high quality care to seniors. Our associates and staff are well trained and committed to the values of compassion, respect, stewardship and service. If that isn’t enough, Bristol Glen is also a recipient of the highly esteemed U.S. News and World Report’s Best Nursing Homes award for the past two consecutive years. It also won the 2015 New Jersey Herald, Readers’ Choice Gold Award.

Visit Our Independent Living Community Today

We welcome your visit and encourage you and your loved ones to tour Bristol Glen and see everything we offer firsthand. For more information, please contact UMH Bristol Glen today or visit www.umh-nj.org.

This content was originally posted at http://www.umh-nj.org/blog/things-to-consider-when-researching-continuing-care-retirement-communities-in-nj/

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Five Benefits of Independent Living for Aging Seniors

If you are concerned with the safety and security of your elderly loved one, you might want to consider independent living. Independent living, found within a Continuing Care Retirement Community, is ideal for individuals who can still live without assistance, but enjoy the peace of mind of having access to assistance when needed. In this post we will discuss five key benefits of independent living at United Methodist Homes Bristol Glen.

Benefits found at UMH Bristol Glen Continuing Care Community

1.    Senior-friendly housing – With high-quality, apartment living, seniors are able to downscale from costly, high-maintenance houses with ease. Accommodations at Bristol Glen are designed for easy navigation (whether a resident is mobile, using a walker or in a wheelchair), compact and free of potential hazards.

2.    Social Interaction – Independent living at Bristol Glen encourages residents to participate in the community at a level where they are comfortable. With year-round events, movie nights, clubs, fitness facilities, beauty salons, and even wellness centers, all on your doorstep, you can easily reach out and connect with the rest of the community and your peers.

3.    Safety & Security – In the basic sense this means protecting access to the community and its residents. It also means insuring that our residents’ needs are met and emergencies are discovered and responded to in a timely fashion. At Bristol Glen CCRC we solve this by taking care of all maintenance, offering 24-hour safety and security systems and a skilled nurse is on duty 24/7.

4.    Free Time – The most common reason that seniors transition from their own homes to Bristol Glen independent living is the freedom gained. Downsizing from a large home minimizes personal chores, errands and time spent on home maintenance. Residents find that independent living gives them the time to pursue other long-delayed interests and hobbies.

5.    Independence – Bristol Glen CCRC has the same goals as its residents – to keep them as independent as possible without infringing on dignity or privacy. This means we only provide the support you need, as you need it. Additional amenities include laundry services, housekeeping services and scheduled transportation, as well as 24-hour emergency response systems and skilled nursing staff.

At United Methodist Homes of New Jersey Bristol Glen, our aim is to ensure that each of our residents maintain their dignity, quality of life and independence. Our programs ensure residents are encouraged to get involved with the community at a level they are comfortable with and we tailor our services to ensure that each resident gets the help and support they require to live a full and happy life. For more information, please contact UMH Bristol Glen today.

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Why Your Elderly Loved Ones Should Consider a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in NJ

As we age our ability to complete daily tasks may start to grow increasingly more difficult. Additionally, it may become harder to pursue social and recreational activities. Sadly, these issues create an environment for aging seniors where safety, security and personal independence are severely compromised and quality of life is drastically diminished. At United Methodist Homes of NJ, we believe that no one should have to give up safety, dignity, independence or the pursuit of abundant life. Fortunately, with Continuing Care Retirement Communities in NJ such as Bristol Glen, seniors can take advantage of an independent lifestyle that allows them as much support as they may require. Let’s take a look ato the benefits you or your elderly loved one can experience at a CCRC.

The Benefits of Continuing Care Retirement Communities 

• Independence – At United Methodist Homes we offer a tiered approach to aging, ensuring residents maintain as much independence as possible while providing only the assistance and services needed. As you or your elderly loved one’s needs change, so will the services – often without requiring a change of address.

• More free time, less stress – You or your loved one will no longer be weighed down by the burden of caring for a home and all the responsibilities that come along with homeownership. Much more time is freed up to pursue hobbies, interests and a host of interactive programs offered at Bristol Glen.

• Amenities at your doorstep – In addition to the privacy and comfort of the upscale, apartment living experience the UMH Bristol Glen independent living community offers, you also have easy access to high-quality amenities. These include 24-hour emergency alert systems, fitness center, weekly housekeeping and maintenance services, as well as a full calendar of cultural, social and spiritual events throughout the year.

• Security and safety – UMH Bristol Glen also provides residents with security and protection, from access control to rapid medical and emergency response. All living and community areas are fully serviced with smoke detectors and emergency response systems and skilled nursing staff are present 24 hours a day.

At United Methodist Homes of New Jersey, our aim is to ensure each of our residents maintain their dignity, quality of life and independence. Our programs ensure residents are encouraged to get involved with the community at a level they are comfortable with. We tailor our services to make sure each resident gets the help and support they require to live a full and happy life. For more information, please contact UMH Bristol Glen today.

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