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The Best Tips for Healthy Aging

Although it sometimes feels like it, getting old isn’t all about dealing with different health issues – it’s about enjoying your life. Here are the best tips from our CCRC in Sussex County, New Jersey on how to stay in the best shape:

  • It’s never too late to get healthy. Whether you’re a smoker, never participated in a sport or hate your vegetables, getting older doesn’t mean the time to make these changes is past. Even in your 60s and 70s, you can reduce the risks of chronic disease significantly, and that means more time with friends, family and loved ones.
  • Start slow with exercise. Exercise has a massive impact on your health, happiness, and well being, by controlling your body weight, reducing risk of dementia, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening muscles, thereby reducing your risk of falling. It’s advisable to speak first to your doctor about the best exercise for your body, so that you get fit in a healthy way. Exercise can also be a great excuse for socializing and working together with friends to keep you all motivated!
  • Stretch. Stretching is important for preventing stiffness, preventing injuries from exercise, and improving flexibility.  It also helps relieve discomfort resulting from health conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Try a yoga class for seniors at your local wellness center or gym, and get in sync with your body.
  • Eat healthier. Changing your diet is a simple way to boost your health, but it does not mean you have to avoid the food you love – providing your doctor approves. Speak to your doctor about ways you can improve your diet, like adding more leafy greens and fresh fruit, and cutting out fatty foods in favor of healthy foods rich in essential fatty acids. This will help lower blood pressure, lower risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, and give your body a better immune response.
  • Prevention is better than a cure. Preventative measures  keep your body healthy and help stop issues from getting worse, much like servicing a vehicle every year instead of waiting for it to break down. Having your yearly flu shot, cancer screening, and eye examination as well as paying attention to warning signals from your body, are important ways to prevent bigger medical issues.

Live life to the full at our CCRC in Sussex County, New Jersey

Bristol Glen, an independent senior living community based in Sussex County, provides seniors comfortable, serviced living arrangements that free up time to enjoy life. Founded on a philosophy of aging in place, our continuing care retirement community residents enjoy a less restrictive care model aims to keep residents in their residential apartments for as long as possible, with access additional services as their needs change.

Contact us to find out more about our CCRC and our assisted living facilities, amenities and services, please visit our website at https://bristolglen.umcommunities.org/ and book your visit today.

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Tips for Seniors to Sleep Better

May is Better Sleep Month, so our assisted living community in Camden County, NJ, is exploring some tips and insights to help seniors fight insomnia and get a good night’s sleep.

Why is sleep important?

Getting enough sleep is essential to maintaining our physical and mental health, which is important for every stage of our lives. However, our sleeping patterns change as we age, and we can find ourselves struggling to get a healthy amount of rest. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation says that around 44% of seniors have difficulty sleeping on a regular basis.
When seniors don’t get enough sleep, they can suffer from:
• Depression, memory problems, attention span problems, and tiredness during the daytime.
• Unhealthy weight gain or loss, higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and breast cancer in women.

How to improve your night’s rest as a senior:

• Get active. Regular daily exercise is a great way of getting rid of excess energy and tiring out your body for a night’s rest. It’s also healthy for your body, and significantly reduces the risk of diseases that often affect seniors. Outdoor exercise helps you get essential Vitamin D. Just be sure to consult with your doctor before starting a new exercise regime, and don’t exercise three hours or less before you go to bed, as it could keep you awake.
• Reduce stress. Stress and anxiety lead the causes of sleeplessness at any age, and it can be difficult to deal with worries when you’re lying in bed at night. Whether you need to conquer your worries by making some “To Do” lists or choose to talk to a professional, reducing stress is important for your health. Starting yoga, joining social clubs, participating in your community or getting spiritual companionship and support are also great for reducing stress.
• Look at your medication. Some medications can keep you awake, while others may not be managing your pain effectively. If you are suffering from sleeplessness, speak to your doctor about your current medications and how you are taking them. They may be able to suggest an alternative that won’t keep you up at night.
• Make your room a calm and restful place. You shouldn’t work, read, eat and watch TV in your bed, as this conditions your brain to stay awake while in bed. Rather, keep it a noise- and light-free zone by moving your TV out and not using phones and backlit devices there. Use earplugs or a soothing white noise generator to block out other sounds that may disturb you. It’s also important to keep your bedroom cool, as lower temperatures encourage better sleep.

Visit our beautiful assisted living community in New Jersey

Collingswood is part of United Methodist Communities, a network of assisted living facilities in New Jersey specializing in high quality care and support. Our communities are known for their beautiful settings, spacious residential apartments and wide range of resident services. With qualified and experienced nursing, therapy and management staff on hand to provide expert assistance, residents enjoy all the benefits of independent living for seniors.

To find out more about United Methodist Communities or our assisted living services, please contact us at https://collingswood.umcommunities.org/ and plan your visit today.

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Bringing Awareness to Alcoholism in Seniors

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, so we’re talking about the issues surrounding seniors and alcohol abuse. As a leading CCRC in Sussex County, New Jersey, we’re dedicated to a high quality of resident life  that includes bringing awareness about this concerning issue.

Alcoholism in seniors is easily overlooked 

According to the National Institute on Aging, although alcoholism is an issue in every age group, it is commonly overlooked by family members, friends and even caregivers when it affects seniors. In fact, statistics show that around 40% of seniors age 65 and older drink alcohol. Although seniors are legally entitled to drink, it’s important to know that our bodies process alcohol very differently as we age, increasing the effect on  our balance, motor and bodily functions. This means that seniors feel the effects of an alcoholic drink far more rapidly and severely than they experienced at a younger age. This can be further exacerbated by conflicts with medications as well as health problems, especially diseases that affect the liver.

Risks of alcohol abuse in seniors 

Seniors with alcohol abuse issues face increased health and wellness risks, including:

  • An increased risk of falls – Leading to broken bones, severe bruising, emergency hospital treatment and increased frailty.
  • Increased risk of accidents – This includes car and other accidents caused by increased confusion, poor reaction times and other sobriety issues.
  • Worsening medical conditions – Certain medical conditions are negatively affected by alcohol, including diabetes, osteoporosis, mood disorders, high blood pressure, liver problems, congestive heart failure, and memory problems.
  • Dangerous interactions with medication – Including aspirin; sleeping pills; cough syrup; and pain, anti-anxiety,  anti-depression and allergy medications.

How much alcohol is too much? 

Everyone has a different reaction to alcohol, but the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recommends that adults over 65 who do not take medications have no more than seven drinks per week.

Signs that your loved one may be suffering from alcohol abuse or alcoholism include:

  • Drinking to cope with concerns or to feel better.
  • Losing interest in food, but drinking very quickly.
  • Trying to hide drinking habits, or lying about how much they have consumed.
  • Negative mood changes when away from alcohol.
  • Increased conflicts, mood changes or physical confrontations when drinking.

If you suspect that you or your loved one is drinking too much, don’t hesitate to talk to a professional and join a senior treatment program.

Get the best out of your golden years with independent senior living in Sussex County, New Jersey 

Bristol Glen is an independent senior living community based in Sussex County. As part of United Methodist Communities, we’re dedicated to providing seniors with comfortable, serviced living arrangements that free up your time to enjoy life. Founded on a philosophy of aging-in-place, our residents enjoy a less restrictive care model and do not have to move from their residential apartments to access additional services as their needs change.

Contact us to find out more about our living accommodations, amenities and services at https://bristolglen.umcommunities.org/.

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Rehabilitation at The Shores in Cape May County

As one of the leading assisted living communities in Cape May County, New Jersey, we’re proud to offer expert short-term rehabilitation services to assist seniors in their recovery from falls, surgical procedures, and illnesses. Here are all the benefits of choosing this professional service:

  • Faster recovery and healing: As we age, it becomes more difficult to bounce back quickly from illnesses and injury. However, professional short-term rehabilitation can help speed up your recovery. In addition to qualified nurses and caregivers to assist you with medical care and daily tasks, we also have teams of specialists toA doctor and physical therapist is working with a woman on her shoulder and arm injuries.assist your recovery through a wide range of proven therapies, from physical therapy to occupational, speech therapy and more.
  • One location: By moving into our comfortable assisted living community for your rehabilitation, you have access to all our services without having to travel, book appointments and coordinate schedules. This means that you get the rest you need as well as easy access to the rehabilitation you need.
  • Professional caregiving in an independent environment: If you are used to living on your own or having a family member lend assistance, then short-term rehabilitation allows you to access more intensive assistance without having to commit to hiring a dedicated caregiver, putting a strain on family caregivers or moving into an assisted living facility. Our focus is on getting you healed and quality of life, so you get the level of care you require to recover quickly as well as the independence you love.
  • Get the best: As these services are provided by a leader in senior care communities, we’re sure to employ only the best staff with the proper certifications and training needed to ensure you make a strong recovery. All of our treatments are state-of-the-art and results-driven, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best support possible from a highly reputable organization.

Contact The Shores today for professional short-term rehabilitation services with fast and effective recovery!

United Methodist Communities at The Shores is an assisted living community in Cape May County, NJ, offering high-quality short-term rehabilitation services for seniors. As part of the United Methodist Communities network, we offer these services in addition to assisted living services, hospice care, and respite care.

Ideal for seniors wanting professional assistance in recovering from illness or surgery, as well as those wanting to try out our assisted living facility and get to know our community, we’re happy to welcome seniors from all faith backgrounds.

For more information on our short-term rehabilitation services, please contact us today and plan your visit.

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Home Organization Tips For Seniors

Keeping your home well-organized is essential for any stage of life, but it is especially important for seniors. Keeping the home clutter-free and easily navigable is key to a long, healthy and enjoyable life for several reasons: First, falls are the leading cause of non-fatal and fatal injuries for the elderly. Second, recovery becomes more serious and lengthy as we age. Here are some tips from our continuing care retirement community in Sussex County, New Jersey.

  • Raise your storage height: As we age, we lose flexibility and strength, which makes bending down to pick up boxes more difficult and poses an injury risk. Place boxes and stored items no lower than upper-thigh height and keep lower areas clear.
  • Keep important documents together: Sorting through papers can be a mammoth task, but it’s also a very important one. Recycle anything unimportant to get rid of clutter and reduce fire risk. Place passports; insurance policies; wills; powers of attorney; and social security, tax, home and car documents together in designated folders inside a specific cupboard or desk at home.
  • Medication sorting and list: Sort through all medications in the home and remove all that are expired. Make a list of all the medication and dosages your loved one is currently taking and attach it to the fridge along with any important notes. This is very useful for tracking medication and for providing doctors with essential information on your loved one’s medical status. Medication should be sorted in day-of-the-week pill boxes.
  • Remove clutter, add light: It’s easy for clutter to build up in the home, especially if your loved one has lived there for decades. Unfortunately, it presents a very real tripping, health and fire hazard, so it is important to sort through belongings and keep spaces clear. This is especially important in bedrooms, passageways and on stairs. In these spaces, the floor should be kept as clear as possible, carpet should be perfectly flat, and without throw rugs. Additional lighting should be added to ensure visibility and easy around-the-clock navigation. A press-on or bedside light in the bedroom  eliminates the need for seniors to search in the dark for a wall light.

Comfortable, vibrant, independent senior living in Sussex County 

Bristol Glen, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Sussex County, New Jersey, offers seniors independence, comfort and a vibrant social life. Bristol Glen is part of United Methodist Communities, a ministry of over 100 years and experts on senior living.

Contact us to find out more about our Continuing Care Retirement Community and  book your visit today.

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The Different Stages of Dementia and How They’re Treated

Dementia is a name given to a group of diseases, including Alzheimer’s, that cause the deterioration of memory and other cognitive functions. Here is some insight into how these diseases generally progress and how care needs increase over time, from Alzheimer’s care specialists in South Jersey.

Symptoms of mild dementia 

People with mild dementia can often  function fairly independently and care for themselves, as they generally experience less severe symptoms of the disease. They may suffer memory loss around recent events (long-term memory is often unaffected), get lost or lose items, experience trouble organizing or expressing thoughts, forget words or struggle with complex problems like managing their bills.

In some cases, personality changes may also occur and the person may become withdrawn or isolated. Although symptoms may be mild, it’s important for families to start considering additional support for their loved ones, either through family caregiving or assisted living communities that offer Alzheimer’s and dementia support.

Symptoms of moderate dementia

In the next stage of the disease, moderate dementia,, people require more help to manage their symptoms and daily lives. They typically experience increased confusion and poor judgement, more significant memory loss (including loss of long-term memory) and changes in their sleeping pattern. This stage of dementia affects the ability to cope with personal daily activities like dressing and bathing, as well as household chores, cooking and maintenance.

Often, significant personality changes occur at this stage, and sufferers often feel agitated, suspicious and even aggressive. Caregivers need to understand how to minimize these symptoms, as well as deliver the necessary support and compassionate care to ensure a high quality of life.

Symptoms of severe dementia 

As the most advanced stage of dementia, severe declines occur in mental and physical health. This stage commonly results in the loss of communication abilities and physical capabilities like walking, sitting, and bladder and bowel control. Patients at this stage require constant, specialist assistance 24 hours a day for all their physical and medical needs, especially as they often become more susceptible to infections like pneumonia.

Compassion, care and community in our beautiful assisted living facility in South Jersey 

The Shores, part of United Methodist Communities, offers memory care support services andassisted living communities specifically for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia,  providingan environment that delivers the highest quality of life. Professional staff assesses each resident and designs a program that is unique to their needs and level of independence, focusing on everyday routines like cooking, gardening, socializing, setting the table and living a community lifestyle. These memory care programs also include activities for general wellness like fitness, music and other sensory activities suited to your loved one’s enjoyment.

Our residences are designed to be comfortable and home-like, encouraging independence while supplying essential support and onsite medical care. For more information on our memory support services for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia, please contact us today.

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How To Make Valentine’s Day Special For Seniors

Valentine’s Day is all about love and affection, so older adults should be celebrating this fun holiday, too! There are plenty of ways to spend quality time with your elderly parents and loved ones on February 14th, so here are a few suggestions from our assisted living community in South Jersey.

  • Homemade Valentine’s Day cards: If you have younger children, a craft day making pretty cards with personal messages is a great way to get the kids involved. Take the cards, kids and a favorite treat for lunch or coffee over to your loved ones for a Valentine’s Day filled with love, family and quality time.
  • Get baking: If baking is a shared hobby, then Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to get together in the kitchen. Baking treats for family, friends and loved ones – even for other elderly neighbors and caregivers — is a great way to spend time together and make everyone’s day a little sweeter.
  • Movie night:  If you don’t have a romantic night planned for yourself, then why not grab some popcorn, some of your favorite romantic comedies and spend the evening on the couch in great company — and in comfort!
  • Update family photos: This presents an opportunity to look back in time as well as create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. Gather the family together for a fun photo shoot — you can even include a Valentine’s Day theme — and smile for the camera! If you do the shoot a week or so before Valentine’s Day, then printed and framed family photos will make the perfect gift.
  • A special dinner: Whether you’re a talented cook or would rather treat everyone to a night out at a restaurant, a dinner is a lovely family event that will bring everyone together for some quality time. If you’re at home, you can add a Valentine’s Day theme with some easy arts and crafts, pretty red roses or a themed menu.

Assisted living and nursing home care in Camden County, NJ 

Collingswood is part of United Methodist Communities, a network of senior living and assisted living facilities specializing in high quality care and support. Our senior living communities NJare known for their beautiful settings, spacious residential apartments and wide range of resident services. With qualified and experienced nursing, therapy and management staff on hand to provide expert assistance, seniors enjoy all the benefits of independent living.

In addition to our assisted living communities, we also offer a range of long term care services, including hospice and palliative care, short term rehabilitation and respite care. We aim to keep our residents “aging-in-place,” ensuring that they stay in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own private apartments for as long as possible, even as their care needs change.

To find out more about United Methodist Communities, our senior living community or our assisted living services, please contact us and book your visit today.

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