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Healthy, Happy Relationships are Helping Seniors Live Longer

Study after study has shown that good relationships do wonders for our health, quality of life and happiness – and the same goes for seniors! Strong social connections are just as important as eating well, getting exercise and accessing quality medical care. Here are some insights from our independent living community in Sussex County, NJ.

  • A feeling of purpose: Often times, people  in senior living could be vulnerable to losing their sense of purpose in life, making them vulnerable to depression. Social connections through friendships, hobby clubs and other groups, give residents reasons to get up in the morning, care for themselves and look forward to what life has to offer.
  • Motivation to get healthy and active: Social groups and relationships work to encourage individuals to try new things, take on new challenges and keep improving themselves. Whether it’s a book group keeping up with current literature, a dance group teaching ballroom dancing or a walking club that helps people to keep exploring the outdoors, social groups help support intellectual and physical health.
  • Change for the better together: Changes, as we age, can become more and more difficult to cope with, whether we’re facing mobility problems, chronic health conditions or recovering from a sickness or fall. A support group that not only includes therapists and professionals, but also peers going through the same struggles, means finding a helpful community to provide that essential support and encouragement.
  • A positive knock-on effect: One of the most important results of healthy social connections is the positive effects they have down the line. A phone call from a loved one may lead to a better food choice at lunch, or a decision to try harder at physical therapy. An afternoon with the gardening club may lead to a choice to go out to enjoy the beauty of nature in a park, or uplift your mental state.

Essentially, good social relationships encourage us all to try a bit harder to make more of our lives, and that applies to seniors as well as the rest of us!

Experience senior living and relationship beautiful CCRC in New Jersey

Bristol Glen, a CCRC in Sussex County, New Jersey, offers seniors independence, comfort and a vibrant social life along with high quality care when needed. Part of United Methodist Communities, we offer a personalized and customized set of services, seniors are able to fully access the level of care they require, when they require it. We are also fully equipped and able to assist Alzheimer’s and dementia residents through our memory care and support services.

Contact us to find out more about our CCRC and book your visit today.

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Start 2015 off Right with These Helpful Tips!

The New Year brings resolutions and a fresh start. If you are a caregiver or senior start the New Year off right with with these five tips offered by UMH!

1. Check Your Prescribed Drugs

In most homes it’s a common practice to mix old prescribed drugs with the new one without knowing its dangerous health hazards. Drugs comprised of organic ingredients, old liquid antibiotics and those requiring refrigeration should be safely discarded. And don’t forget to store medications in a dark, cool and dry place such as an airtight plastic container on a shelf in a closet or kitchen cabinet.

2. Have an Emergency Plan

Keep important numbers on speed dial which may be helpful during emergency cases such as burglary, fall or other unexpected accidents? Have your phone programmed with emergency contact info.

Give yourself a reminder lesson on your community’s emergency response system, if you reside in an assisted living community.

3. Clean out the Clutter

Clutter may cause serious trips and falls. So it’s better to remove unnecessary and obstructive objects along with furniture from your walking path to reduce the risk. Also, maintain a clean walkway in every room of the house or apartment. In the kitchen, start by removing rarely used appliances from the countertops, organize cabinets, and clean refrigerator and pantry of expired food.

4. Avoid Moving Heavy Furniture Alone

Seniors with compromised mobility and strength should avoid doing certain household chores as it may cause serious health issues. Without assistance don’t ever try to move heavy furniture. To clean hard to reach areas, don’t stand on chair, table or ladder. Always use cordless cleaning tools and lightweight equipment to avoid injury.

5. Check Your Smoke Alarm System, Fire Extinguisher and Emergency Kit

Test your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms periodically to ensure batteries are in good condition.

Every home should have at least two handheld fire extinguishers, and one should be placed in kitchen. Winter and Spring. Make sure they include: a flashlight, extra batteries, thermometer, scissors, tape, bandages, allergy and digestive medications, antibiotic ointment, wound dressings, a current medication list and emergency contact list complete with names and phone numbers of family or friends.

United Methodist Homes of NJ

At all UMH assisted living communities there are frequent safety checks to ensure residents’ homes are both safe and clean. If you are interested in learning more assisted living at UMH, visit www.umh-nj.org.

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The Cost of Assisted Living

Nowadays, the cost of assisted living is one of the biggest concerns for potential residents and families. In addition, the expense of long-term care sometimes seems daunting. United Methodist Homes advises individuals to consult with an estate planning or elder law attorney to get the need information based on their situation. Here are few tips to get you started, have a look:

Depending on the types of service you need, monthly assisted living costs vary. And depending on the care you need, you can expect to spend between $3,000 and $9, 000 a month which can also include:

•    A daily meal or meals
•    Housekeeping/cleaning services
•    Building and apartment maintenance services
•    Utilities (water, gas & electric)
•    Security is provided at all our communities
•    Access to community enrichment activities

There may also be a small admission fee which goes toward the costs of establishing the programs, helping with move-ins, and setting up care services for new residents.

Financial Requirement

Financial qualification is mainly based on age and care needs. It is a myth that moving into assisted living means losing all your assets including a home. At UMH, while determining financial eligibility, we review many factors. Although your home may be a part of these factors, you do not need to give up ownership of your house. However, if the value of your house was used as part of your financial qualification you will be required to maintain that asset to pay for your stay.

Financial Support

Qualified individuals can receive support from government programs for the costs of long-term care and assisted living whereas veterans may qualify for Aid and Assistance programs, which can pay at least some of the costs of assisted living. Please note there are eligibility requirements for government assistance.

UMHNJ has assisted living communities throughout New Jersey. To find out more about our assisted living services and care, visit http://www.umh-nj.org/

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Welcome to United Methodist Homes in New Jersey

United Methodist Homes has been providing exceptional senior care for over 100 years. As a faith based organization, the United Methodist Homes is committed to its communities, associates, volunteers, and residents. Our philosophy is based on the principle of “abundant life” and extends to every aspect of support in our full service Independent and Assisted Living facilities and Senior Housing Communities.

Senior Living in Pursuit of an Abundant Life

The mission of United Methodist Homes has been essentially unchanged since its inception at the beginning of the 20th century; compassionately serving in community so that all are free to choose abundant life.

All ten of our NJ senior living facilities adhere to our values of compassion, respect, stewardship and service.  With this in mind we seek to maximize each resident’s independence to the fullest.  We offer customized care with a level of assisted living services that you define, for senior living with true independence and dignity.

The pursuit of abundant life can also be found in our social model of senior living.  Research indicates that social interaction can vastly improve quality of life for assisted living residents. At UMH we gently encourage residents to partake in the many sponsored social activities that exist within all of our assisted living facilities.

We are very proud of our mission and our approach to senior living. Please visit us today at http://www.umh-nj.org

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